More colorectal cancer cases in younger people – researchers puzzle over the cause

The Western style of Life is responsible? Researchers puzzled by rising colorectal cancer rates in under 50-Year-olds in some countries.

Colon cancer hits in a number of countries, increasingly, younger adults under the age of 50 years. This is the result of a study by the American cancer society, which was in the journal “Good”, to be published. The study recorded for the first time, the Occurrence of colorectal cancer among 20 – to 49-Year-old and 50-Year-old in the world. Data from a total of 43 countries were included in the results.

Previously, there was evidence of rising colorectal cancer rates in adults under 50. “The previous studies on the subject have dealt only with individual countries or regions,” says epidemiologist and nutrition scientist Michael Hoffmeister of the German cancer research center in Heidelberg, who himself was not involved in the study.

Germany in the upper middle

The new research now provides a global Overview: In South Korea, colorectal cancer occurred, therefore, between 2008 and 2012, annual 12.9 per 100,000 among 50-year-old inhabitants. The country is at the forefront in the incidence rates in younger adults. The least number of diseases. the city of Chennai in India, with only 3.5 younger Sufferers per 100,000 inhabitants Germany is 7.7 Diseased in the upper midfield.

However, the risk of younger people developing intestinal tumors is still low in comparison to the older people, explains the study’s leader, Rebecca Siegel of the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, in a communication to the cancer society. In the case of the colon cancer rates of adults aged 50 Slovakia with 192,5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at the top. Chennai in India has 27.5 the least cases. However: “The Numbers of younger adults are very disturbing,” says Hoffmeister.

Sit up and take notice the development, mainly within a decade, which was shown in the study for 36 countries. In 14 countries the rate of colorectal cancer remained under the 50-Year-old stable in three countries, she went back and in 19 countries, it rose. Nine of these 19 countries – all countries with comparatively high income – recorded at the same time with the increase in Younger, decreasing or constant numbers of cases in the Elderly: Australia, Denmark, Germany, great Britain, Canada, new Zealand, Sweden, Slovenia and the USA.

Western way of life as the reason for the change in the Numbers?

On the causes of the Trends in the case of Younger we know little. The authors of the study discuss changes in life and diet styles, because in many countries of the Western ways of life are accepted and highly processed food and fast food are spreading increasingly. Frequent Antibiotics to children, are under suspicion. “It is particularly plausible among the discussed causes of Obesity,”says epidemiologist Hoffmeister. Nevertheless, the speculation was. “In a Moment of reasoned conjectures in all directions are helpful, because to them, further studies can build in order to identify the underlying factors and to take action.”

The decline in the Elderly in many industrialized countries, Hoffmeister explains: “The bowel cancer Screening that is well-established in many countries for older adults, plays in this decline in a major role.” Be called by the chair of examinations and colonoscopies, to which, for example, in Germany from the age of 50 years, precancerous lesions detected and removed, bowel cancer cases can be avoided.