Martin Roberts details recent health scare – ‘At any time I could have had a heart attack’

Martin Roberts reveals how close he was to having a hear attack

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“I’ve been feeling a bit poorly, under the weather, for a couple of weeks,” said Mr Roberts, speaking on ITV’s This Morning. “I’ve had a few chest infections over the last few years and I’ve had asthma since childhood, so I’m kind of used to it – that sort of tight chest.” However, this time the warning sign was pointing to something else.

Mr Roberts continued: “As it approached the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, it was starting to get really bad.

“I could hardly walk without really struggling for a breath.

“The confusing thing about this, which is a bit of a red herring, is it gets you on the breathing side of things.

“So you don’t think it is something to do with your heart, you think, ‘Oh, it must be something to do with my chest.’”

Mr Roberts suffered from a severe health problem called pericardial effusion.

The Mayo Clinic details this can sometimes lead to heart failure or even death if left untreated.

The condition describes a build-up of too much fluid in a sac-like structure that wraps around your heart, known as the pericardium.

While the space between these layers usually packs only a thin layer of fluid, excess fluid can be dangerous.

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