Life in green areas and protects the blood vessels and heart

Scientific experts University of Louisville (USA) have analyzed the correlation between living in the green areas and the risk of cardiovascular disease, including strokes and heart disorders. They found that the residents of green areas reduced the risk of vascular diseases and heart.

Scientists postulated: living in areas with dense green vegetation, such as trees and shrubs, can protect the heart and blood vessels from the development of dangerous pathologies.

“Those who live near parks, have less problems with the cardiovascular system and are better protected from strokes,” said the authors of the project.
The study showed that people living in urban areas with lots of trees and other greenery, is distinguished by its low concentration in the urine and blood hormones epinephrine and F2-isoprostane in the urine, the first of which is a biomarker of stress, and the second is oxidation of the body, contributing to inflammatory processes. Samples of biological fluids collected by specialists within five years, 408 people of different ages, ethnic groups and socio-economic status. In addition, the experts measured the density of green areas near the homes of the participants, and asked about the levels of air pollution.

In result, scientists have concluded that people living in green areas and with lower levels of the aforementioned hormones have a higher ability to restore blood vessels.

“The increase in the amount of vegetation in the vicinity may be unrecognized impact on the health of the cardiovascular system. This will help not only the environment but also improve the health of people”, – concluded the experts.
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