Lamington Protein Balls filled with Blueberry Jam

With most of Australia still currently in lockdown, it is easy for us to fall into unhealthy eating habits to get us through the tough times. With this, comes the possibility of many turning to fad diets in order to quickly shift any unwanted lockdown weight gain. Leah has made it her mission to end fad diets through BARE Lean, by offering a food program that is maintainable and realistic.

As such, in collaboration with Australian Blueberries, Leah has shared one of her favourite fresh blueberry inspired recipes that’s offered through her BARE Lean program and is perfect for those looking for a sweet, healthy treat during lockdown. Australian Blueberry season is now in full swing here in Australia, making it the perfect time to incorporate them in recipes as they’re at their juiciest, plumpest and packed full of flavour.

Check it our below!


1 & 1/4 cups instant oats

½ cup desiccated coconut

2 tbsp cacao

1/3 cup chocolate flavoured protein powder

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp honey

1/4 cup water

Blueberry Jam: 

200g fresh blueberries 

½ cup Sugar 

½ lemon, juiced 


In a small pot, heat fresh blueberries, lemon and sugar together with a small splash of water and leave to cook over a medium heat for 30 minutes or until thickened. If it needs a little help to thicken, you can mix a little corn flour with water (1 tbsp flour to 2 tbsp water) and pour this into the mixture. 

In a food processor, add all the ingredients and blend until combined. 

Roll a heaped teaspoon of the mixture into a ball. Create a deep hole in the centre with your thumb and drop a little jam inside. Press the edges together to seal, roll to reshape into a ball then coat in coconut. Repeat with remaining mixture. Store in the fridge.

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