Lack of sleep provokes sverhestestvennoe

Even a slight lack of sleep provokes sverhestestvennoe – as a result of lack of sleep are often quickly lose control of their emotions, become angry, and in problem situations demonstrate a complete loss of ability to control myself. To this conclusion after his research came scientists from the University of Iowa.

“Even a two-hour lack of sleep can make people sverhrazdutoe,” stated the researchers.
This conclusion was made by experts when summarizing the results of the experiment with the participation of 200 people. They were divided into two groups, one of which parties had the doctor recommended 7 hours of sleep at least, then other people were sleeping sleeping no more than 4.5-5 hours per night.

During the month the volunteers living in their designated modes, led a sleep diary, and assess their feelings of anger and irritation. In addition, they regularly visited the laboratory where experts assessed their emotional state. In particular, people exposed to different noise. It turned out that the people who didn’t sleep prescribed minimum of 7 hours at night, with excessive irritation of react to sound waves.

“People who suffer from lack of sleep, showed sverhrazdutaya and higher levels of anger regardless of the type of noise and volume,” said the scientists.
According to experts, irritability not penetrated people’s comparable to the anger shown by people with mental illness. The researchers noted that sverhestestvennoe prevents the person to adapt to the changing conditions around it, and thus provokes severe stress, threat to the body.

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