Kim Kardashian West ‘Physically Couldn’t’ Move Her Hands Due to Her Psoriatic Arthritis

Kim Kardashian West’s journey to learning that she has psoriatic arthritis all started with a scary morning when she suddenly couldn’t use her hands.

The reality star and fashion mogul said that she woke up one day and “physically couldn’t pick up my phone.”

Kardashian West, 38, detailed that morning in a post on sister Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle website, Poosh, and said that she initially thought she had slept on her hands oddly, or was still sore from a tough workout.

“I was freaking out — I couldn’t even pick up a toothbrush, my hands hurt so badly,” Kardashian West said. “I had worked out the day before and we did an arm day, so I thought maybe one of the exercises strained my hand. It didn’t cross my mind that it could be anything serious. As the day went on, I got a bit more movement in my hands, but they really hurt from the inside — I felt it in my bones.”

The mom of four said that she tried to push it to the back of her mind as she headed out to Las Vegas for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but the pain was impossible to ignore.

“I was so uncomfortable the whole time because my hands were in so much pain,” she said. “I felt miserable.”

Back at home, Kardashian West scared herself by Googling all the possible reasons for her pain, and then got the unnerving test results that it could be lupus.

“I had my blood tested for all possibilities, and it came back positive for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. I immediately started to cry and felt so lost,” she said. “You really can get in a crazy headspace when you think you have something. My doctor said I could have a false positive, and he wanted me to come back.”

After additional testing, Kardashian West learned that it was a false positive and she actually had psoriatic arthritis, a more manageable condition that made sense considering her long battle with psoriasis.

Kim Kardashian West

“It’s similar to arthritis that can stem from psoriasis and it can come and go,” she explained. “It’s still painful and scary, but I was happy to have a diagnosis. No matter what autoimmune condition I had, I was going to get through it, and they are all manageable with proper care.”

In the months before her diagnosis, Kardashian West had tried “doing everything natural” to ease her pain, from creams and serums to herbal teas and switching to a plant-based diet, which she said she still follows. But nothing worked, and “the pain was so unbearable,” she said.

Now that she knows she has psoriatic arthritis, Kardashian West is on medication that is working.

“I unfortunately had to be put on medication to stop the symptoms, I tried everything natural for the longest time and we chose the best route for me so luckily right now everything is under control,” she said on Today on Sept. 10.


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