Intimate itching was a symptom of diabetes

The main symptoms of type II diabetes is well known. British doctors called one symptom of this disease related to the intimate area of the body that should not be ignored.

Few people know that diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world affecting as many as 5% of the adult population. In Russia it is more than 7 million people, and experts believe that by 2030 the number of diabetics in Russia will exceed 11 million type two Diabetes develops in the moment when the body develops resistance to insulin or the pancreas ceases to produce sufficient the hormone. Type II diabetes in the long term promises serious complications, including blindness, kidney disease, nerve damage and cardiovascular disease. Up to 85% of victims of type II diabetes can blame this disease is unhealthy lifestyle, including overweight and obesity, and a lack of physical activity.

Common symptoms of type II diabetes include frequent urination, sudden surges of appetite, mood swings and sleep problems. But there are less well-known symptoms of this disease, many of whom do not even suspect. What are the symptoms include itching in the genital area. In most cases, it is called a fungal infection when the Candida fungi that naturally live in the vagina, suddenly begin to multiply uncontrollably. Many women face this problem at some period of life, but if it happened regularly, it is best to visit a doctor.

Why itching in the vaginal area can mean diabetes? The fact that races at blood sugar the fungi begin to actively proliferate. This is what leads to candidiasis and other fungal infections. In addition, type II diabetes suppresses the immune system, causing itching becomes unbearable. (READ MORE)