Influencer shares side by side snaps of belly bloat caused by period from ‘hell’

For some people that menstruate, periods can be pain free and light which does not have a massive effect on their day-to-day life.

However, not everyone is so lucky to get a ‘happy’ period.

Just like body positive influencer Georgie Clarke who has recently revealed she has had a period from “hell” this month – and has shared some side by side snaps of her extreme bloat to prove it.

The brunette babe is no stranger to posting uplifting and ‘normal’ content for her 695,000 Instagram followers – where she has previously shown how some fitness influencers manipulate their bodies.

This time, Georgie donned a matching blue gym wear set to show off the severity of her PMS (premenstrual syndrome) bloating.

In the left snap, Georgie is highly posed which makes her waist appear cinched and her tummy flat.

But just seconds apart, the photo on the right side shows the influencer in a relaxed stance where she has revealed her bloated belly.

Georgie captioned the post: “Anyone else had the period FROM HELL this month?! Spoke to all my friends who’ve said theirs has been bad too.

“I feel like I’ve had one week feeling human and energetic and the rest of the time I’ve been in PMS hell.

“I know that stress is a massive factor that affects my cycle but also it’s hard to get up and carry on with everyday life when your body is SO bloated, you feel exhausted and you’re in agony.”

Georgie continued: “Oh and the sugar cravings are at another level this month.

“I know it’s hard to not look at yourself when you’re bloated and feel upset but remember it’s natural for your body to do this.

“You’re human, and bloating is human, no matter what shape or size you are, so many women can relate.”

The influencer then urged her followers to start normalising “normal” bodies.

“So how about we start normalising normal bodies, normal bloating, normal cycle symptoms… Let’s be kind to ourselves.”

Inspired by Georgie’s period bloating post, many people fled to the comments to praise the influencer for sharing an issue a lot of people can relate to.

One fan commented: “Thank you thank you thank you!! You’re the best! And continue to inspire & make me feel so much happier!”

Another user praised: “Yes!! I get baby bump tummy when I'm on my PMS!”

While a third person voiced: “Omf meeeee! I legit thought I was pregnant the bloating was so bad.”

Someone else shared: “Thank you so much for this. I am feeling the exact same way and it’s comforting to know I’m not alone. Sending you love.”

As a fifth person expressed: “Normalise these posts and talks.”

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