Increased sensitivity to cold indicates health problems

Increased sensitivity to cold can be a serious cause for seeking medical attention. Haunting feeling of cold may occur for various disturbances in health, long flowing secretly.

According to therapist Lyudmila Gulevich, for the processes associated with heat transfer, answer the liver, heart, thyroid and brain. Increased sensitivity to cold may indicate a problem with the functions of these bodies.

Much freeze first of all unseasoned. Studies have shown that such people have a heightened sensitivity to cold is associated with too weak a layer of brown fat that helps much easier to tolerate low temperatures.

In addition, increased sensitivity to cold can be a symptom of such health problems as anemia (anemia). Due to anemia oxygen is poorly delivered to the internal organs with blood, causing the body to expand blood vessels and expend extra warmth.

Other health problem – low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) – can also provoke increased sensitivity to cold in humans. Also symptoms of hypothyroidism are weakness and drowsiness.

Among other causes of elevated chill – hypotension (low blood pressure), diabetes, atherosclerosis, vascular dystonia. The therapist also noted that it is always cold and people are overweight because they have fatty tissue compresses the blood vessels and capillaries and disrupts the blood supply.

In addition, according to the doctor, increased sensitivity to cold is observed in such health problems like deficiency of vitamins a, E And too low body weight, lack of nutrition. Such violations lead to imbalance of biochemical processes in the liver.

Increased sensitivity to cold may indicate that the person is in the stress processes and the body experiences fatigue.

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