In the month of Ramadan is not on the drug dispense

The rules for the Ramadan can affect drug therapy. Pharmacist rates, therefore, during the Muslim fasting month of dispense with the taking of necessary medication. Often the risks through an adjustment of the dose to be preventable, says the Federal chamber of pharmacists (BAK) in a press release. This year, Ramadan begins at 6. May and ends on 5. June.

Sick Muslims should fast according to the religious rules of the Koran. Many want to do this but still. "Anyone who needs to permanently occupy at certain times of Day medicines should be with his doctor or pharmacist, an individual solution finden", Thomas Benkert, Vice-President of the BAK says. So it is in the case of some diseases the medicines, exceptionally, at night, or take a drug to avoid, the must rarely be taken.

Especially for diabetics it is important to take your medications on the changed times of food intake tune. Benkert recommends that you seek to advise. To check several times a day the blood sugar levels and pay attention to the symptoms a. hypoglycemia, also belongs to this. In emergency situations the Koran is allowed, the fast interrupt: diabetic best glucose, to sugar fix.

The prohibitions of the Koran do not apply to all dosage forms: The use of metered dose sprays or dry powder inhalers for Asthma or other lung diseases, does not violate the rules and is allowed, therefore, during the month of Ramadan. Also ointments and eye drops are acceptable but not nose drops, or suppositories.


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