'I'm convinced that if we eat meat, we're ingesting bad karma' – Emmett J Scanlan fronts PETA's new pro-vegan campaign

Dublin actor Emmett J Scanlan is fronting PETA’s new pro-vegan campaign.

The move sees him following in the footsteps of other vegan celebrities like Paul McCartney, Peter Dinklage, Morrissey and Alan Cumming, who have lent their voices to campaigns for The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation.

Emmett (39), who has had prominent roles in Hollyoaks, The Fall, Butterfly, and most recently, Women on the Verge, reveals in a promotional video for the campaign that he gave up meat following an emotional conversation with his wife, British actress Claire Cooper.

“I had kind of justified to myself that the meat I ate as organic meat, that the meat I ate was humane slaughter, whatever the f*** that means.  And I continued on my path,” he says.

His wife had stopped eating meat before him and he says he came home one evening to find her crying at footage on her laptop.

“On the laptop was a YouTube video by this animal activist and through her tears she was saying, ‘I don’t understand why the world is so mean’ so I watched it for 34 minutes and then I turned to my wife and said, ‘Baby, I’m with you.'” he reveals, becoming emotional.

“Social media is forcing us out of our slumber,” he continues.  “There’s nowhere to f***ing hide now.  You have to see it. You have to educate yourself.  And I think if you raise awareness, then you allow, inside of yourself, to blossom understanding and compassion, which is what I think is the true essence of what human beings are.”

Speaking about his beliefs regarding meat now, he says, “I’m convinced that if we eat meat, we’re ingesting bad karma, but as a by-product of that, by not eating meat, I’m helping the environment.

“It’s healthier for me. I know, I believe, I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt before…. More importantly than anything, I feel happy that I’m on this path.”

Scanlan hopes to encourage viewers of the video to adopt a vegan lifestyle.  PETA claims that each person who eats vega “spares nearly 200 animals every year a terrifying, bloody death in today’s meat, egg, and dairy industries”.

“If one person watches this video, sees this campaign, and it makes them question what they’re doing then f*** me it’s been worth it.  If I can do that for one person that’s fantastic for me,” concludes the actor.

Please be warned there are some expletives and some footage which some people may find distressing in the video:


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