HSE spends €650,000 in bid to change workforce culture

The cash-strapped HSE has paid almost €650,000 to a UK consultancy firm over the past two years as part of its drive to bring about “culture change” in its workforce.

The HSE employed the Chalfont Project which describes its consultants as “organisation architects”.

The company’s promotional messages say that “we don’t do misery. Pain is sometimes inevitable but misery is always a choice”.

The HSE has a contract with the company which will expire in 2020 with the option to renew for a year, the ‘Medical Independent’ reported.

‘Values in Action’ involves the appointment of champions among employees who voluntarily promote behaviours including to “challenge toxic behaviours and attitudes”.

Other prompts include: “Keep people informed – explain the now and the next.”

The HSE states that Values in Action is about “delivering better experiences to those who use our services, and creating better workplaces for our staff.

“As one Values in Action champion puts it, it’s for ourselves and it’s for our patients.

“Every day thousands of health service staff across Ireland live our values of care, compassion, trust and learning. Sometimes this is very visible, sometimes less so.

“Values in Action is about building a culture in the health service that reflects our values, so that they are evident every day in every workplace.”

Meanwhile, the HSE’s long-awaited capital plan is set to be unveiled shortly after being delayed to assess the impact of the overspend in the €1.7bn National Children’s Hospital.

It is still unclear if the overspend will lead to some projects being delayed.

Health Minister Simon Harris said his department has been working with the HSE and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform to develop a multi-annual capital plan for the health services.

The recent summer economic statement provides a reserve of up to €200m in 2020 to accommodate funding requirements for the new children’s hospital and the National Broadband Plan.

“This will allow my department and the HSE to finalise a multi-annual capital plan,” he said.

The health capital allocation in 2019 is now €642m for the construction and equipping of health facilities. This represents an increase of €224m on last year’s capital provision.

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