How to increase the production of breast milk

Statistics show that this problem is faced by up to 40% of all young mothers, breast-feeding. Experts tell how to increase the production of breast milk.

1. Feed your baby more often. Practice breastfeeding often and allow your baby to decide when to stop taking the breast. Yet the kid does it, the hormones that make breast produce milk continues to stand out. If you are breast-feeding from 18 to 12 times per day, thus ensuring sufficient production of breast milk.

2. Express between feedings. Express the breast milk between feeding the baby, using a special breast pump. This practice is very useful. Quite often the woman is still milk after feeding, then the baby may at some point, then fail to deliver.

3. Use both Breasts. Be sure to feed your baby both Breasts. Initially, give the child to get enough from one breast, that he has ceased to take milk, then you can offer him the second breast. Stimulation of both Breasts increases the production of breast milk.

4. Food, herbal medicines and supplements. There are some foods and botanicals that increase the production of breast milk, As shown by science, fenugreek, for example, is having the desired impact in 7 days. To other similar products are garlic, ginger, fennel and spirulina. But be sure to discuss with your doctor any dietary supplements, especially during breastfeeding. (READ MORE)