How to get through bonfire night if you are a light sleeper

Being a light sleeper is hard enough as it is, and bonfire night perhaps takes the crown for the noisiest night of the year.

The Guy Fawkes celebrations are drawing ever closer and the thought of getting some decent shut eye feels like it’s slipping away.

But fear not, as there are still ways to ensure you get a peaceful slumber this 5 November.

Metro spoke to sleep expert Martin Seeley, CEO of MatressNextDay – but be warned, you may just sleep through your alarm with this insider info.

Follow a calming bedtime routine

It’s no secret that a bit of pampering before bed makes it easier to fall asleep – and Martin says that’s all the more important on Bonfire Night.

Martin said: ‘Like any other night, you will want to ensure that you have a relaxing evening routine which will help you to get a good night’s sleep.

‘Perhaps take a long bath, listen to a podcast, cook a nice meal and read a book. Limit the usage of phones, laptops and tablets before bedtime.’

Try white noise

You may think that any noise at all will be counterproductive to falling into a deep sleep, but think again.

Martin said: ‘If you live in an area such as a city where there may be many late night fireworks going off, then you may want to use white noise to help minimise the disturbances from these sporadic loud bangs.

‘White noise essentially helps to mask loud sounds and reduces the difference between background levels and peak sounds.

‘White noise is common for light sleepers as the soothing sounds help you to drift off into a deep sleep with reduced chances of waking.’

Avoid sugary foods

This one’s a killer, especially with all the seasonal treats on offer at the moment.

Martin said: ‘If you’re heading out for bonfire night, try to avoid any sugary foods which could lead you to struggle to fall asleep later on, due to high sugar levels and unwanted, increased energy.

‘Foods like sweets, donuts, toffee apples and also caffeinated beverages should be avoided if you plan to sleep soundly later on.’

Block out your senses

Martin said: ‘Light sleepers during bonfire night should be proactive in ensuring that they are set up ready for a good night’s sleep.

‘This includes getting a good sleep mask and ear plugs, which will help to block out the loud bangs from the fireworks and the associated light that comes with them.’

Exercise during the day

It’s time to get your running shoes on. Even if it’s just a brisk walk in the fresh autumn air, you could be setting yourself up for success.

Martin said: ‘Exercise during the day is the best way to set yourself up for a good night’s sleep if you’re a light sleeper, as your body will be fatigued and tired from the day’s workout, so will be seeking a long rest.

‘When our body is tired from the day’s events, this usually makes for an undisturbed, restful night’s sleep, as opposed to if we have done limited activity during the day.’

Follow a regular sleep schedule

Our parents have been drilling this one into us since we were small but that doesn’t mean we ever follow the advice.

But if you’re serious about getting some dreamy sleep then you’re going to have to be strict with yourself.

Martin said: ‘Going to bed at the same time each night is the best way to help your body get into a regular sleep cycle, and this will help you to get to sleep much quicker.’

Limit daytime naps

With 5 November falling on a Saturday, you may be tempted for some afternoon naps – but this could do more than ruin your sleep.

Martin said: ‘Napping can feel great in the moment, however napping throughout the day can often lead to a broken night’s sleep the following evening.

‘This is because you’re allowing your brain and body to switch off for a period of time, so it won’t feel the need to sleep when it comes to the nighttime.

‘Not only this, research has shown that napping can actually have adverse effects on the brain and body as oversleeping can cause headaches which could potentially trigger a migraine.’

Adjust your sleep environment

If you’re going to go the extra mile then consider fixing up your bedroom to make it firework proof.

Martin said: ‘If you’re a light sleeper, you will want to ensure your sleep environment is comfortable, relaxing and reflects night time.

‘Black out curtains or blinds are advised to block out any light pollution, ensure windows are closed so no sounds can wake you up.

‘You may want to invest in high quality bedding to help support your body and ensure you get a comfortable night’s sleep.’

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