Healthy cures for depression and depressed are not receiving medicines

An increasing number of victims of depression go without treatment, the study showed. Meanwhile, the diagnosis of depression are those people who do not have this mental disorder.

Mankind is experiencing the most significant epidemic of depression in its history. It seems that in our far and recent past had a lot more reasons for depression, it is enough to recall the massive epidemics of plague and cholera, famine and world war. But in times of major disasters people simply have no time to get depressed, because they are solely concerned about their existence and how to help loved ones. And today in post-industrial society, where many problems are solved, people are starting to think about the meaning of existence, about their purpose, and it plunges them into depression. In some areas of England, which is among the most affluent and prosperous countries, depression is recorded for every sixth person.

Every tenth citizen of this country and many other developed countries receives prescriptions for antidepressants, and scientists have found that in most cases these powerful drugs do not need them. They do more harm than good, because the diagnosis of depression people is wrong. For many years it was known that the real victims of depression rarely seek medical help because they just ashamed of their disorder and prefer to suffer alone. But those who are in need of attention, like to visit psychologists and psychiatrists and complain about the bad mood, after which they diagnose depression, and give out recipes.

Particular fashion for such diagnoses ask celebrities who almost every day from the pages of yellow Newspapers admit that they either suffered or are currently in a state of depression. People tend to imitate them, which they also convince you that you are sick with depression. It is easier for doctors to put the diagnosis than to miss it, and why in the West so generously of prescriptions for antidepressants. But statistics show that more than half of these victims of depression no help get, although it does need. (READ MORE)