For the last week in Ukraine of measles 1319 people

In Ukraine suffer from measles again! For the last natalyzelikova 1319 cases of measles. What should I do to avoid that? How effective is the vaccine and where is it done?

Measles cases becomes more

After October 29, in the Transcarpathian regional children’s hospital died from measles unvaccinated 12-year-old boy from the village of Strabychovo, the number of measles cases in the region is only growing. Zakarpatie measles лечат126 patients, which is 54% higher than the previous week. The press service of the Transcarpathian regional health center report: of the total number of cases of measles 67% children up to 17 years (85 cases).

The disease was registered in 8 districts of the region: Tyachiv, Irshava, Mukachevo, Mizhhirya, Uzhgorod, Beregovo, Perechyn, Svalyavska areas in Mukachevo and Uzhgorod.

A few days ago the measles cases recorded in Poland. The authorities have undertaken the development of a draft law under which foreigners who are not vaccinated against measles, banned entry. This information was confirmed by the Minister of health of Poland Lukasz..

As previously reported for the last, 2017, Ukrainebride 3 thousand cases of measles. In the first place by the number of cases of people in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, then in Odessa. Only the incidence of measles recorded in 24 regions of our country. The percentage of cases among deceit 62 to 75% in different regions of Ukraine, all the other adults. According to official figures the Ministry of health of Ukraine, recorded 6 cases of deaths from measles. And for 9 months of 2018, the incidence of measles in Ukraine has increased by 17 times. Only 14 days Octmeasles sick 1319 people, and since the beginning of the year more than 35 thousand.

In October 2018 godenables high jump Corey recorded in the Lviv, Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

How not to get the measles?

The virus enters the body through the respiratory tract and mucous membrane of the eye. Migrates to local lymph nodes and begins to multiply. On the third day after infection large amounts of virus continuously begin to enter the blood. The person is still healthy and the blood of the millions of viruses. Studying this phase of the disease, virologists have established a very interesting fact: the measles viruses are in the blood serum, and strongly associated with leukocytes. If such leukocytes retrieved from blood, a good wash and in the form of mist to introduce a receptive person, he will get sick.

A paradoxical situation: a white blood cell designed to protect the body from germs, the cell produces interferon to fight off viruses, has become something of a horses for riders of measles virus, which sits on the white blood cells, are distributed throughout the body. Moreover, even the virus replicates within leukocytes.

Measles is an infectious viral disease with a high level of sensitivity, and although the disease is considered child catch it can anyone, including newborns. This usually occurs when the mother of the baby was never sick with measles and was not vaccinated against it, and the child had the temerity to speak to a native virus. That is, at the confluence of several adverse circumstances.

How to protect yourself against measles? To be vaccinated.

Is it possible to be vaccinated during outbreaks? Yes. But it is better to do it in time. For the formation of the immune system it takes time, and during the epidemic or outbreak it may not be.

Chief immunologist of Kyiv, Fedor Lapiy, complains that there are too many cases where parents are buying help unscrupulous medical professionals.

I myself have repeatedly faced a situation when I come to parents with children, show a certificate, which is marked by vaccinations, however, they admit that they have never been vaccinated.

Where to get tested for the measles virus?


  • Synevo (Synevo)measles virus IgG antibodies 162 UAH.
  • Medlab medical laboratory (MedLab)measles virus IgG antibodies 190 UAH.
  • Clinic Mircowaves measles antibodies IgG162 UAH.
  • CLINIC Barewires measles antibodies IgG239 UAH.
  • Medical Center Biomedicos measles IgG antibodies is 80 UAH.
  • Androcentric measles IgG antibodies 140 UAH.
  • Medical center Capitancillo IgM to measles virus (Measles viruses) 220 UAH.
  • Medical center Mellifluous measles IgG antibodies 150 UAH.
  • Dibromododecane of Ig G antibodies to measles virus 357 UAH.
  • Laboratory omega Cawinos measles IgG antibodies 250 UAH.
  • Medical center YUMD-MEDIKAL IgM Antibodies to measles virus (Measles viruses) 210 UAH.
  • Into-Sana on the Dnieper naberezhnyyechelny Ig G to measles virus (Measles virus) 170 UAH.

The first symptoms of measles

The measles virus enters the body through the respiratory tract and mucous membrane of the eye. Migrates to local lymph nodes and begins to multiply.

Symptoms zabolevayemost 7-14 days.

  • Increased temperatureto 38-390C.
  • Poyavlyaetsya, barking cough, hoarseness.
  • Photophobia, headache, General weakness and sleep disturbance.
  • Appears puffiness of face, eyelids, bright konjunktiv and redness of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.
  • On 2-3rd day of illness on buccal mucosa rash appears as small, with a size of about 1 mm, white spots, slightly wystawa over red mucosa. Usually they are groups never merge with each other and in appearance resemble semolina. Persist for 1-3 days, then disappear.
  • On the 4th day of illness behind the ears and on the nose, and then during the day on the skin of the entire face, neck and upper chest appear mottled pink or red, which in a few hours increase in size, turning into large patches of purple color, have jagged edges, merge. The rash usually abundant.
  • After density apply to torso and arms, then to his feet. Especially a lot of it on the face, slightly less on the trunk, still less in the legs. The face becomes puffy, the eyelids thicken, facial features stiffen, and the appearance of the face changes dramatically.