For the health of the child must sleep in the playpen for up to three years

Children should continue to sleep in the playpen as long as they turn three years. The study showed that they sleep better if moved to a regular bed later than is customary.

If the parents transferred the kids out of the arena in a regular bed not before they turned three, that way, they achieve the highest quality sleep in children. In the study, parents and their kids in 5 countries it was found that the delay in the transition from horse-riding in the bed leads to the fact that children are less likely to demonstrate a reluctance to sleep, Wake up less at night, their sleep duration is in General longer than in children, which are transferred to bed early. Researchers isetskogo hospital in Philadelphia reminded of the fact that numerous scientific studies over the last 10 years have confirmed the importance of a healthy sleep throughout a person’s life. But the most important sleep health in childhood.

Sleeping in the playpen children, as shown by observations, fall asleep earlier and faster, they are less likely to Wake up at night and thereby waking their parents. Moreover, these benefits with amazing stability persist throughout childhood and adolescence that is particularly important. The authors also decided to examine the reasons why parents allow their children to sleep on the bed, taking them out of the arena early. It turned out that in many cases, this is due to the desire to put in the arena to their smaller siblings, and sometimes parents do so because they think that the arena becomes too small for the baby.

The researchers emphasize that children love small spaces where they feel very safe and comfortable. If you look for children’s games, you will surely notice how the kids climb up somewhere under the bed or under the table, or constructing tents from blankets in order to create the most of a small space. That’s why they like to sleep in the arena, even if they seem small. (READ MORE)

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