Flu News: Many Impfwillige expected – but these will have to be quick

The flu season has already begun. According to the strong Influenza-shaft last Winter, and experts from many Interested parties. Why you should be for your vaccination soon, you will be informed by FOCUS Online in the News Ticker.

  • The flu wave begins to experience according to in the autumn
  • A vaccination is recommended for certain groups of people such as the Elderly and Pregnant women
  • The first Influenza-Infected reported in Germany

Many Impfwillige expected – why you should quickly be

Tuesday, 27. November, 17.10 PM: After the exceptionally strong wave of Flu in the season 2017/18 expect the health experts for this season, with a larger number of Impfwilligen. In many regions of the vaccine are already scarce, said the KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse on Tuesday in Schwerin.

Those who want to arm yourself against Influenza, you should do this quickly. In General, we recommend a vaccination in October or November as it can then take up to two weeks, until the body is constructed your own protection, it was said by the health insurance Fund.

Many Doctors are surprised, according to the country’s Association of pharmacists of the great demand, the Schweriner Volkszeitung (Tuesday) reported. In the face of regional shortages Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn, had loosened the rules for the procurement of the vaccine. Accordingly, the länder can allow for regional requirements that pharmacies and doctor’s offices among themselves with the flu vaccine supply and that from other EU countries-based vaccines are delivered.

Like the Rostock office announced for health and social Affairs on dpa request, is available in all health offices in the districts and circle-free cities, flu vaccine in different quantities. The current demand can currently be met.

Background: influenza or the common cold?

The symptoms for flu and colds are partially similar. Therefore, it comes to confusion. A cold, however, begins rather insidiously with the sniffles or a sore throat.

Not with the common cold pathogens to infect, is the distance to the Diseased, according to experts of the Robert Koch Institute is important. Because colds were transmitted via droplets. People should sneeze also prefer to be in the bend of your elbow, as in the Hand. In addition, regular hand washing is advisable.

Flu comes suddenly, and with a strong feeling of illness. The Symptoms:

  • Pain in the limbs,
  • Cold symptoms,
  • Chills and
  • high fever.

The Patient feels miserable, weak, and powerless, and must at least beware of bed for a week.

For a definite diagnosis a blood test is necessary. Because the flu is only triggered by Influenza-viruses. A flu infection, however, can have different triggers.

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