Five tricks to avoid a hangover

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a complex of dehydration and the effects of chemicals remaining in the body after the digestion of alcohol. Guaranteed to avoid a hangover is hardly possible – science still can’t answer exactly what causes this serious condition. But if not avoided completely, greatly reduce the extremely uncomfortable symptoms of a hangover is still possible.

Trick one: asparagus.In terms of laboratory testing it was discovered that asparagus contained in amino acids and minerals protect liver cells. In addition, eating asparagus before you drink increases the body content of dietary fiber, vitamins A and C, effectively helping to dispose of the alcoholic toxins.

Trick two: to prefer light alcohol.According to experiments, the dark alcohol contributes to a more severe hangover. In some darker alcoholic drinks contain congeners substances – these substances, according to scientists, can affect the severity of hangover.

Trick three: vitamins. Help the liver to break down alcohol and thus avoid a painful hangover the next morning can Supplement with b vitamins, taken before the ceremony with a drink. These vitamins are contained in many foods, including meat, eggs, fish and fruit.

Trick four: the sprite. Chinese scientists found that among the drinks to avoid a hangover after a stormy party better sprite is nothing to find. Its ability to deal with the consequences of alcohol abuse before it surpasses, as it turned out, even coffee and the famous cocktail “bloody Mary”. Laboratory tests showed that the sprite increases the activity of enzymes, processing components of alcohol decomposition in the body.

Trick five: oxygen. Researchers are advised to remember: after alcoholic beverages that contain more oxygen to sober up is easier because the oxygen speeds up the processing of alcohol by the liver. In addition, the oxygen can destroy the toxins that cause hangovers, so drinking useful from time to time to get some fresh air.

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