Female snoring is a serious threat to heart

Scientists from the University of Munich found that both men and women who tend to snore during sleep, can occur in the form of consequences of problems with the condition of the heart and blood vessels. At the same time, experts ascertained that it was the women’s snoring is the most serious threat to the heart – this snoring can contribute to early decline of cardiac function.

The researchers found that the snoring is an increase in the size of the left ventricle of the heart that performs the role of the main “engine” of the circulatory system. This has increased and the wall of the main pumping chamber of the heart, causing the myocardium starts to operate harder. In other words, the heart wear out faster. The work of scientists showed that women who snore, such wear of the heart muscle is more intense compared to men, i.e., women’s heart crapabout over time faster fail.

That women snoring poses the most serious threat to the state of the heart, the researchers found, followed the lives of 5 thousand people. Half of them had no problems with sleep, rest were normal for simple snoring, or its combination with sleep apnea (a condition in which blocked Airways and time stops breathing). Figures, subjects from groups “snoring” with healthy patients, scientists have noticed a more significant difference in mass of the left ventricle in women compared to men.

“We found that women who snore or suffer from sleep apnea, may be at greater risk of heart. On the background of the snoring they have increased the likelihood of dysfunction of the ventricles: the heart is unable to fully pump blood, and it stagnates in the lungs and other organs,” stated the authors.
The relationship of snoring with changes in cardiac function were so evident that experts recommend regular snoring people ( especially women) have to visit a cardiologist.

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