Electronic cigarettes do not make Teens smokers

Using the electronic cigarette adolescents do not turn to traditional smokers. The study showed that the popularity of conventional cigarettes fell sharply amid market their electronic alternatives.

Until now, scientists and public figures argue about whether electronic cigarettes are good for teenagers or harm. Initially it was thought that these devices can help existing smokers to get rid of bad habits. Then there was the view that electronic cigarettes will keep teenagers wanting to produce breath smoke and look a bit more Mature, from the ordinary Smoking. However, there were studies that showed that after the electronic cigarettes teenagers passed on traditional tobacco products. And now a new study from researchers at Georgetown University in USA has shown that the fashionable electronic cigarettes are not make traditional adolescent smokers.

The researchers followed-up in the period from 2004 to 2014, young people aged 15 to 25 years belonged to the conventional and electronic cigarettes. Initially, electronic cigarettes were not widely popular, but its surge was recorded in 2014, when their sales doubled. But conventional cigarettes all the time was losing popularity in America among different age groups, particularly among adolescents. The biggest decline of popularity recorded in 2013, and scientists have linked it with the increasing demand for electronic cigarette.

Statistical analysis suggests that if electronic cigarettes are used as means of access to such harmful substances like nicotine, they do not encourage teenagers to move on to traditional tobacco products. Young people prefer to use e-cigarettes because it’s fashionable, and Smoking a regular cigarette today is not fashionable. (READ MORE)