Drink a lot of water is dangerous for health

Drinking water is considered to be useful tips on its use are constantly performed, along with recommendations on healthy lifestyle. However, doctors warn that drinking plenty of water may not be less dangerous to health than drinking enough.

Excess water for the human body and health is dangerous as well as dehydration, is the verdict of experts in the Business Insider. According to experts, an average adult to maintain good health daily should drink about 3 liters of water, but you need to remember that the kidneys are functioning in a certain mode and it is dangerous to overload with water. The kidneys can only cope with a load not exceeding 800-1000 ml of water per hour.

If you drink water too heavily and exceed the measure, human health may be seriously affected due to the fact that his body begins to accumulate fluid and it will immediately increase the risk of excessive hydration. According to doctors, from a large number of water cells tissues and organs will swell, contributing to the condition known as “water intoxication”.

For this intoxication is characterized by the deposition of fluid in the fatty tissues and muscles. Doctors say that this condition is dangerous, primarily for its health consequences.

“This decreases the level of sodium in the blood, affects the regulation of the body’s blood pressure. People may experience drowsiness, headaches, loss of cognitive functions and brain damage,” warned scientists.
According to them, on the background of excess water changes in the structure of the brain can be so dangerous that all may end in death.

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