Drew Barrymore's Hilarious Reaction to Her First Hot Flash Is So Relatable

Drew Barrymore experienced her first hot flash while taping an episode of her show, and she’s “so glad” the moment was caught on camera.

In a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the 48-year-old actress was chatting with fellow actors Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, who were promoting their Netflix film Murder Mystery 2. (All three celebrities are longtime friends — and veritable rom-com royalty.) While hosting, Barrymore suddenly became hot and started to fan herself.

“I think I’m having my first perimenopause hot flashes,” she said, taking off her blazer. “For the first time, I think I’m having my first hot flash. Whoa!”

“Oh, I feel so honored,” Aniston quipped.

Barrymore held her hands out to Aniston and Sandler, who touched her to feel her “internal heat,” in Aniston’s words. She then excitedly explained how she’d recently spoken on a panel with Oprah Winfrey about this very topic and couldn’t wait to show her this clip.

“Well, I’m so glad I have this moment documented,” the talk-show host concluded.

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