Diabetes arises not because of the sugar

Sugar consumption, even excessive, not a direct cause of diabetes – it is the opinion of the chief endocrinologist of Moscow Mikhail Antsiferov.

In recent years the incidence of diabetes worldwide has increased significantly. In Russia, according to a study NATION, at 24% of the Russian adult population has prediabetes, 5,4% – diabetes mellitus type 2 and more than half of our compatriots with diabetes don’t know about having this disease.

It is accepted that diabetes occurs primarily in those who eat a lot of sugar. Endocrinologist Mikhail Antsiferov, insists that this idea of the emergence of diabetes – myth, excessive sugar consumption is not associated with its development directly.

“The consumption of sugar in large quantities is definitely harmful to your health and can contribute to obesity, which in turn is one of the risk factors of developing diabetes of the 2nd type. However, this is not its direct cause,” said chief endocrinologist of the capital.
He also added that while most cases of diabetes detected in people with overweight and obesity, a victim of this disease may be a person with normal body weight.

“At risk are people over 40 years, overweight or obese, and those who have this disease suffer parents, brothers and sisters – such patients need once a year to determine fasting blood sugar” – shared recommendation specialist.
Antsiferov recalled that the special dangers of diabetes is the fact that initially the disease does not manifest itself, the patient long feels no deterioration in his condition.

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