Community health care launched for Saskatoon seniors at Market Mall

A grand opening was held Monday for a new Community Health Centre to provided specialized health care services for seniors in Saskatoon.

It provides a comprehensive suite of services in a community setting for patients with multiple chronic conditions, mental health issues, medication-related problems, and other complex care needs.


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The health centre is located at Market Mall on Preston Avenue South in Nutana Suburban Centre neighbourhood, which has the city’s largest senior population.

Officials said the team-based community health care will help seniors live healthy, independent lives and reduce emergency department visits.

“Staff are excited to assist older adults with the support they need to avoid going to hospital unless needed, to remain at home when things become more difficult and to return home after a hospital stay, while also supporting their recovery after a fall, an acute illness or an operation,” Saskatchewan Health Authority COO Suann Laurent said in a press release.

Over 80 full-time equivalent (FTE) staff make up the multi-disciplinary team that includes doctors, paramedics, a pharmacist, mental health nurses, and physical therapists.

The Seniors First Team has also been expanded to provide at-home care to patients in the region who have mobility limitations and other complex care needs.

The provincial government said $5.2 million will support the Community Health Centre and the Seniors First Team expansion in 2018-19. Annual funding of $3 million is expected to start in 2019-20.

Community Health Centre is open seven days a week with extended hours in the evening and home visits for those who need it.

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