Clean vessels. 10 life hacks for lowering your cholesterol

Excess cholesterol sticks together and forms a so-called “plaque”. These clusters tend to narrow the lumen of blood vessels and impede blood flow, increasing risks of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes. Talk about how you need to change the diet and lifestyle to lower cholesterol without drugs.

1. Eat less TRANS fat

All fats – the same essential resource, as proteins and carbohydrates. However, there is one kind of fat is extremely dangerous to health and strongly the body does not need TRANS fats. Any product, which declared hydrogenated oils are harmful to the cardiovascular system. Avoid industrial cakes, convenience foods, fast food and fast food – these products always contain TRANS-fatty acids.

2. Do not overdo the sugar

By the way, animal fats, which have recently been the number one enemy vessel, now rehabilitated. In contrast to… sugar, the excess of which affects the appearance of plaques in blood vessels. Attach to the hemoglobin molecules of sugar scratch the walls of blood vessels, in response to which the body begins to vigorously synthesize cholesterol to heal the wounds, “patch”.

3. Add omega-3 acid

One of the provisions of modern anticholesterol diet is the inclusion of omega-3 fatty acids. These lipoproteins eluted from the blood vessels bad cholesterol, and they are found mainly in fish. At least 2 times a week, you should consume fatty fish, in particular herring and mackerel. Suppliers of plant omega-3 flax oil and walnuts.

4. Remember the polyphenols
High cholesterol – an occasion to remember about the polyphenols which help to prevent cholesterol accumulation in blood vessels. Popular polyphenols – green tea, red wine, pomegranate juice, grapes and other berries.

5. Keep your weight
If there are issues with weight is to lose weight. Weight always entails increased cholesterol levels. According to statistics, 80% of the people who managed to get rid of extra pounds, significantly lowered cholesterol. To lose enough weight just 5 kg to the level of bad cholesterol, fell almost 10%.

6. To check hormones
Finding the high cholesterol, be sure to check the concentration of hormones in the blood genital and the thyroid gland. It turns out that the bulk of the cholesterol used by the body for hormone production, and if their concentration is reduced, cholesterol is not claimed, in excess.

7. To live stress free
Unfortunately, stress does not only depress your mood and immunity. It turns out that the stress increase cholesterol levels. Stress is adrenaline, high concentration which disrupts lipid metabolism and causes the body to synthesize cholesterol. Living without stress is impossible, but minimize their number, to learn to relax under the force of each.

8. Quit Smoking
Smoking is usually associated with lung cancer, while it offers a wide range of health problems, including high cholesterol. Addiction to tobacco damages the blood vessels, in the Wake of which the body makes cholesterol. The more and longer you smoke, the higher the cholesterol in the blood.

9. Dosing alcohol
Alcohol, unlike Smoking, can “dissolve” bad cholesterol. However, only 3%, but still. It is worth remembering that drug is dosage size 180 ml of wine or 50 ml of cognac. Alcohol cholesterol, on the contrary, increases, damaging vessels and disrupting the functioning of the liver.

10. Follow the trends
News in relation to cholesterol appear with surprising regularity. One of them is drug therapy high cholesterol with statins. Statins call a breakthrough, but their use only under medical supervision. Drugs of this group, as, indeed, any other medications, have many contraindications and side effects.