Busta Rhymes Shares Dramatic Before-and-After Photo of Body Transformation: 'Don't Ever Give Up on Yourself'

Busta Rhymes is working on his fitness.

The rapper, 48, showed off the results of his dramatic weight loss journey on Friday, posting a before-and-after photo on his Instagram to document the major body transformation.

"DON’T EVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!" he wrote in the caption of the post, in which Rhymes can be seen flashing his abs. "LIFE BEGINS RIGHT NOW!!! MY DEDICATION IS DIFFERENT!!"

"I WOULD NEVER PUT OUT AN ALBUM AND NOT BE IN THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!!" he continued, referencing the upcoming release of Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God, his first album in eight years. "I RESPECT MYSELF TOO MUCH AND I RESPECT Y’ALL TOO MUCH!!! I’M ONLY HERE TO INSPIRE!!"

The star also thanked some of the people who have helped him achieve his fitness goals, including celebrity trainer Victor Munoz and bodybuilders Dexter "The Blade" Jackson, Kai Greene and Victor Martinez.

"IT'S BEEN A LONG JOURNEY TO GET @bustarhymes to this point, but it's well worth it as you can see with these results," Munoz wrote on his Instagram account alongside photos of Rhymes at the gym. "IT'S a Team effort but with years of experience, wisdom and guidance the Transformation Happens. I provide a service that could change your life around for the better but this happens when you trust the #process."

Rhyme's followers were equally proud of his dedication and hard work.

"I’m not even surprised 🤷🏾‍♂️ what you’ve been able to achieve for decades is purely because of your strong self being, discipline, and perseverance," bodybuilder Flex Wheeler commented. "It has truly been an honor to listen and pose to your music. Getting to know you as a friend has truly been a blessing. You have inspired millions around the world and you continue to do so to this very day 🔥God bless you big Homie/King."

Meanwhile, Swizz Beatz shared Rhyme's photo on his Instagram Stories, captioning it: "Epic zone @bustarhymes."

The "Gimme Some More" hitmaker's post comes just a month after he was revealed as the Dragon on the fourth season of The Masked Singer.

When asked why he chose to disguise himself as the fiery creature on the singing competition, Rhymes told Entertainment Weekly, "It's a part of who I am, and it's a part of what the people have grown to know and love about me in a significant way since the beginning of my career to now. That fire and that passion and that conviction is something that I am the embodiment of, and I'm always gonna give that to people because that's who I am."

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