Boulder County lifts COVID-19 gathering limits that targeted CU students

University of Colorado Boulder students and 18-to 22-year-olds who live in Boulder are now under the same gathering restrictions as the rest of Boulder County, according to an update from Boulder County Public Health.

Public health officials announced the change in restrictions Tuesday, citing continued low coronavirus case counts, low case positivity rates and consistent testing.

Current public health orders limit all gatherings to 10 people. Surging cases among the age group — particularly CU Boulder students — prompted public health officials to enact restrictions on group sizes and activities in September, limiting gatherings at first to just one person, then two, and, most recently, six.

“We are so grateful to every young adult who made sacrifices to follow the gathering order,” said Jeff Zayach, Boulder County Public Health executive director, in a statement. “Don’t let up! Cases are rising across age groups throughout the state.”

And while young people can now gather in larger groups, rising cases across Colorado could result in stricter rules being enacted for all age groups.

“Violations of public health orders related to gatherings will be strictly enforced and additional testing will be provided for CU Boulder students living off-campus,” Boulder County Public Health wrote in a statement.

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