Bellevue Pharmacy: The pharmacy at the heart of the cannabis revolution in the UK

Bill Turnbull discusses benefits of medicinal cannabis

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As to when they started selling CBD products the owners of the pharmacy Hassan and Maggie said: “We started trading CBD access oil spray and CBD access pump cream in September, one was initially sceptical but also aware of the benefits it has, however, the authenticity and formulation are the key points to observe.

“Since then, it has been a revelation in the community and surrounding neighbours, the feedback has surpassed any expectations.

“I’d say a healthy 95 percent have provided positive feedback and due to this, have limited use of naproxen, voltarol and ibuprofen among other pain relief medications.”

As a result of taking approved cannabis products Bellevue Pharmacy seen users of their pharmacy report improvements in their overall health.

“I have personally witnessed patients’ and customers provide rave reviews from all walks of life, ages, to mild or extreme conditions” said Mr Hassan.

Furthermore, they add “pharmacies of the now and future should all definitely stock CBD access oil and cream”.

Although the success of cannabis products among consumers in this area is positive not just for their wellbeing and the health of the pharmacy Hassan and Maggie said: “It’s our duty as part of the healthcare industry to provide important education on CBD as it is proactive.

“It’s as important to present how to correctly apply and consume various versions of CBD.”

However, Bellevue Pharmacy isn’t just about cannabis medicines and supplying medicines to the local community.

Like every pharmacy they have supplied free tests for as long as the Government scheme has been running and started selling them when the scheme ended.

However, while the scheme ended on the first of this month, the supply of said tests actually ended much earlier, on the 18th March.

Furthermore, they have noticed a strange trend in that sales of tests have gone up since a price tag was placed on each one.

Hassan and Maggie explained: “Free tests officially ended on 1st April, technically for all pharmacies it ended on 18th March as that was the last day nhs supplied free tests.

“The irony is, when we had free testing available, very few collected the tests, so ours lasted until 27th March.

“Since it’s been available to buy, we have sold more in 10 days than we gave out for free during the last three months. There could be a multitude of factors, such as, restrictions lifted at the same time, the affluent area of Wandsworth and everyone back to offices after two years.” asked how they felt the price of tests in Britain compared to other countries; an area where, in comparison, the UK is one of the more affordable areas.

“Observing the market, the price currently isn’t too steep in comparison to overseas, we have several patients who originated from Australia and New Zealand and they have stated it’s $30+ for a single test” said the pharmacy owners.

Furthermore, even though test prices may be steep at the moment due to lack of supply and high demand nationwide, they “reckon the price will drop…in due course”.

For now, the work continues both for Bellevue Pharmacy and for those campaigning for greater expansion and acceptance of cannabis as a medicinal treatment.

While there is still a long way to go, green progress is at least being made at a local level.

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