Antibiotics cause obesity in young children

Treatment of children younger than two years of antibiotics increases the risk of subsequent development of obesity. The longer the kids are taking these medications, the higher the risk of excess weight.

Receiving antibiotics kids subsequently significantly more likely to experience obesity, as shown by a large-scale study involving more than 300 thousand children. It was found that if children under the age of two years, prescribe antibiotics, the probability of obesity increases by 26%. And the longer the child takes these medications, the higher the risk. The risk also increases if changing types of antibiotics. Girls who have been through treatment four types of drugs are 50% more likely to have obesity.

Almost two-thirds of all children observed by the scientists who received antibiotics before their second birthday. At the same time from 47 000, which is still developed obesity, nearly 90% received antibiotics or antacids. The researchers emphasize that these powerful drugs kill not only harmful but also beneficial bacteria in the gut that help to regulate body weight. That is why antibiotics lead to obesity. American researchers believe that today too many unnecessary antibiotics are prescribed to infants from such disorders as the common cold. Doctors need to be especially careful with these recipes.

Magicforum recalls that antibiotics threaten children not only obese. Uncontrolled taking them may trigger the development of antibiotic-resistant infections when the normal pneumonia leads to death, because bacteria acquire resistance to all available antibiotics doctors. (READ MORE)