Alberta registered nurses, nurse practitioners to order X-rays, prescribe drugs

Alberta’s health minister says the province is expanding the ability of nurses to prescribe drugs and order X-rays.

Sarah Hoffman says the government will bring in new rules that will allow registered nurses and nurse practitioners to prescribe drugs in travel clinics, as part of sexually transmitted infection programs and at workplace health and safety clinics.


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Registered nurses will not be allowed to prescribe controlled drugs and substances.

Hoffman says nurse practitioners will also be able to set bone fractures.

Dennie Hycha, president of the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta, calls the changes a milestone for registered nursing.

Hycha says the changes mean people will have better access to medication and tests when they need them.

Hoffman praised nurses for the vital role they play in health care.

“I’m proud our government is supporting nurses to use their front-line expertise and training to help Albertans get the care they need sooner and closer to home,” she said in a release Friday.

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