9 facts about narcissistic personality disorder

People often use the word daffodil, describing, for example, former partner or a famous politician. However, narcissism is not so simple. Using facts,tell what it’s like to have narcissistic personality disorder (NRL).

Narcissism is sevenmania nasebya

Healthy self-esteem and pride in their achievements is good. However, the top position of the spectrum of narcissism can be an inflated sense of self-esteem and lack of empathy. But even this does not necessarily indicate a potential problem for mental health. People without psychological disorders have narcissistic tendencies, which are especially clearly expressed during times of stress or emotionally difficult times. Narcissism becomes a mental disorder when affects a person’s life.

Narcissistic personality disorder inflated sense of self-esteem and a lack of empathy

People with Nilpotence demonstrate a minimum of patsientov of narcissism:

  • An overwhelming sense of self-importance
  • Obsession with fantasies about his own incredible success, power, intelligence and attractiveness
  • The belief in a kind features and uniqueness
  • The need for excessive admiration
  • The self-righteousness
  • Habit to constantly use other people
  • A lack of empathy
  • Envy
  • Haughty attitude towards others

The reason for inflated self-assessment if the NRL really low self-esteem

As explained by experts of the Mayo clinic, this exaggerated self-confidence, apparently, is way over-compensation for low self esteem. Inflated self-esteem actually is protecting people with the NRL helping to hide the vulnerability, embarrassment and even guilt.

That’s why, as the researchers note, people with the NRL is very hard to take criticism, and it could be criticize.

Too little research on narcissistic personality disorder, there is no clear evidence of how widespread the NRL. According to some, the daffodils are 0-6,2%.

In the review of Comprehensive Psychiatry for the year 2010 presented seven different studies published in the period from January 1980 to August 2008, involving a total of 49 812 adults. It was found that the average prevalence of RNL is 1.06%.

In a 2007 study published in Biological Psychiatry, scientists gave the results of the sessions from 9 282 older people, making the conclusion that none (0%) of them sootvetstvovala. However, a 2008 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, in which researchers provided the results of the sessions from 34 653 adults, showed that 6.2% of participants meet the diagnostic criteria for NRL.

Narcissistic traits and NRL are more common in men than in women

Mass review in the Psychological Bulletin in 2014 examined gender differences in narcissism. After examining 31 studies of narcissism, which included 470 846 participants, the authors of the study concluded that on average men are more likely to exhibit narcissistic traits, such as undeniable rightness and the pursuit of power.

Note, this review has considered aspects of narcissism as a personality trait, not narcissistic personality disorder. For example, men and women showed similar levels of self-centeredness, another feature that is the cornerstone of the NRL.

The study authors explain that many of the differences are likely rooted at the cultural level. For example, a common outdated social belief is that men are more likely to be leaders, so they casinogate in power. It is necessary to conduct additional research to fully explore the possible social and biological factors underlying gender differences in narcissism and NRL.

Experts do not yet know exactly what causes the NRL

Little is known about the causal factors of narcissistic personality disorder. The Mayo clinic says that some people may be genetically predisposed to the development of NRL. State also probably has to do with brain chemistry. A small 2010 study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research studied the brain images of 34 people, half of which was with the NRL, and the other half without it. The researchers found that people with the NRL had less gray matter in parts of the brain associated with empathy, such as the left front island, but while there is no definitive evidence of this connection.

According to the Mayo clinic, biologically predisposed to NRL children may be at increased risk if they raise too confined and strict parents. As an example, experts lead parent who calls their child a huge disappointment in my life. Such a scenario is, of course, will not contribute to healthy and adaptive behavior or stable identity.

NRL is difficult to diagnose because there are no simple diagnostic tests and the symptoms can correspond to several disorders

Despite the fact that the symptoms of NRL may appear in adolescence, experts are usually waiting for maturation of the patient for diagnosis. This helps to ensure that the symptoms are not associated with the transition period, after which the man himself gets rid of most of the negative qualities. In addition, there are no lab tests for the diagnosis of NRL. Instead, to confirm the diagnosis of a mental health professional can use specific questionnaires and information obtained during a personal interview.

Even more confusing situation is that the NRL symptoms coincide with symptoms of other mental health conditions. For example, dissimulee personality disorder can also cause the feeling of superiority over others and lack empathy. That is why a careful diagnostic survey is so important.

Therapy helps to cope with the NRL only if the patient is willing to take an active part in it

Experts say that the NRL is one of the most complex in the treatment of psychological States. According to the Mayo clinic for treatment of personality disorders such as NRL, there is no FDA-approved drugs, because scientists do not understand which parts of the brain or chemical imbalances lead to the development of the state. However, people with the NRL can take medication for such mental States as anxiety and depression.

However, the main part of the treatment revolves around therapy. But the problem is that the people who have the NRL can not allow even the thought that with them something happens, not to mention the appeal to the therapist. If you think that you deserve special treatment and are above all others, you are unlikely to want to seek the help of a specialist, because in your opinion need help others.

However, the hope for recovery is always there. Experts say that people with the NRL often seek help because of difficulties associated with people, for example, multiple layoffs, lack of contact with older children or struggle for the maintenance of a close relationship.

If a loved one may hint to someone with the NRL that the psychotherapy will help to build relationships, it could work. If your loved one has the NRL,think about joint therapy. You can say something like:

Our relationship is in trouble and I got us to a specialist to consult on this issue. I hope you will come, because among other things, we will be talking about you.

Treatment of NRL is successful if a person realizes that he has strengths and weaknesses like everyone else. To learn how to properly interact with other the main goal of treatment. This does not necessarily mean that the person with the NRL to get rid of negative traits, but he will be able to reconsider the attitude to others, and live more comfortably in society.

The NRL isn’t always understood by society, so it is important to educate yourself and others about what it really means narcissism

People often think the person with the NRL spoiled or ill-mannered, but much more complicated. Narcissistic personality disorder is a serious diagnosis, so it must be used very carefully and only professionals.