800 women not issued with CervicalCheck results due to technical glitch

Around 800 women who underwent cervical screening with CervicalCheck were not issued with letters containing their result due to problems with the computer system in an US laboratory, the HSE has confirmed.

The women’s tests were screened for the HPV virus at the Quest laboratory in Chantilly, Virginia in the United States.

Their GPs would have been sent their results- although it appears this has not happened in all cases.

The result is supposed to be issued electronically to the GP while the woman receives a letter.

The computer “glitch” meant letters to the women whose tests were sent to the laboratory between last October to June were not issued.

The HSE said :”This is a limited incident whereby some result letters to women and their GPs have not issued as a result of an IT process issue.

“An IT update is taking place and results are now being issued manually to GPs until that is completed.”

He said that when a woman’s CervicalCheck cervical screening test is processed by a laboratory, results of the test are transferred to the programme’s cervical screening register. “Once this happens, the woman’s GP receives electronic notification of the results and the woman receives a letter advising that her result is available and information on the next recommended step.”

He said that one  quality assured Quest Diagnostics laboratory in Chantilly, which is part of additional the additional capacity secured by CervicalCheck, required IT updates to ensure results letters issue to women and reports of results issue to women’s GPs.

“As a result of slower than expected implementation of this update, approximately 800 results letters were not issued to women.

“The existence of an IT issue was identified following engagement with the Department of Health in relation to representations from a woman using our services.”

Frances McNamara, Head of the National Screening Service: ‘We have identified approximately 800 women who were regrettably not issued with a results letter.

“ In response, on  July 1 , CervicalCheck wrote to these women identified and advised them to contact their GP to receive their results.

“CervicalCheck sincerely apologises for this delay, which we understand may have caused considerable anxiety for some women.”

Some GPs and practice nurses have also reported in recent days that they have not received result reports.

“ CervicalCheck has requested Quest to issue these reports manually which Quest has advised will happen today, July 11. Our priority is to ensure the women involved are kept informed and receive their results promptly.”

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