7 things that will happen if you abandon gluten

The rejection gluten is one of today’s most popular methods of weight reduction. Many experts argue that such experiments are extremely useful for the body. But is it really? Let’s analyze in detail the pros and cons.

You will not lose weight
A gluten-free diet is not synonymous with low calorie. In order to preserve the texture and taste, many products add large amounts of sugar, starch, fat and monosodium glutamate. Therefore, gluten-free products, often even more nutritious than their gljuteinovye counterparts.

Get rid of chronic migraines
A huge number of people on our planet suffer from bouts of chronic migraine. Despite the development of medicine and science, scientists have not been able to find a cure for this disease. Long-term practice shows that the rejection of gluten helps to get rid of headaches in the short term.

Can disrupt digestion
Despite popular theory, a gluten-free diet can seriously disrupt digestion. The fact that grain products, which actually contains gluten, it is very useful for our body. They are a valuable source of fiber, the lack of which can lead to serious consequences: inflammation of the stomach, cramps, and irritable bowel syndrome. If you do decide to eliminate gluten from your diet, pay attention to alternative sources of fiber: beans, brown rice, mushrooms.

Will be stronger to want to sleep
Wheat, rye, barley contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals: iron, zinc, b vitamins and vitamin D. When you yourself go on a gluten-free diet is very difficult to properly balance your diet without the help of a qualified professional. The result – a deficiency of nutrients. This will inevitably lead to fatigue, drowsiness, and unusual weakness.

Forget about acne
If you are bothered by acne, and no beauty treatments and medication do not help to get rid of this, you may want to eliminate gluten from your diet. After two weeks gluten-free diet you will notice positive result. Of course, such experiments are best performed under the supervision of a physician.

May increase the risk of cancer
When you give up white flour products, you will likely be to consume more protein products. Numerous studies show that the glut of protein increases cancer risk by about four times. Especially it concerns consuming large amounts of red meat.

You’ll feel happier
The journal Alimentary Pharmacology Therapeutics recently published a study, which States that a gluten-free diet helps to get rid of signs of depression: constant irritability, apathy and loss of concentration. But first of all, it concerns people with niceleakemi gluten intolerance (NCGS).