6 foods that reduce libido

According to experts, there are products that can not be think that they may be associated with the intimate sphere, however, they affect it. For example, sexual desire can affect even normal water.

Product 1: fried. Fried foods reduce liver function, and to maintain the body spends extra energy. As a result, developing apathy and lethargy, and it is certainly not something that stimulates sexual desire.

Product 2: soy milk. Such milk often prefer people who can not tolerate cow’s milk. But experts say that soy milk contains plant estrogens that could affect hormonal balance of the human body. For example, if the woman has high estrogen level, because of the “overdose” of her sexual desire may be affected.

Product 3: milk. Dairy products are considered useful, but many eat them in too large quantities. Meanwhile, ice cream, cheese, sour cream and other dairy products is a source of saturated fat, the absorption of which requires the body quite a serious effort. When the body spends a lot of resources on digestion, it reduces the tone, and with it the sexual attitude.

Product 4: alcohol. Only in a very small amount of alcohol helps to relax and enhance sexual desire. If consumed more than one serving, the body becomes a machine for the removal of toxins and begins to experience dehydration. Sex at this moment?

Product 5: fast food. Meals fasfuda contain overwhelming amount of calories and fat, and, in addition, are often Packed full of different chemicals used in the food industry. Doctors recommend not to exceed the limit of three servings of fast food per week – or a hormonal imbalance, and with it a decrease in sexual desire you provided.

Product 6: water from the tap. According to experts, for the purification of tap water using chemical substances that can affect hormonal activities of the body and sexual attraction. Water needs to boil!

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