5 ways to maintain healthy lungs

On the effective work of the lungs depends on the overall quality of life. German experts have called five ways to keep the lungs healthy and young.

1. Do not smoke. Let’s start with the obvious for all the fact – Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer. But that’s not the only trouble that threatens you as a result of bad habits. In fact, Smoking is associated with almost all lung diseases, including COPD, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and asthma. But if you already have these illnesses, bad habits make them more difficult. Smokers die from COPD are 13 times more often than non-smokers.

2. Exercise. In addition to quitting cigarettes, the most important thing you can do to easy will regular exercise. They allow you to keep healthy not only the body but the lungs. When you exercise, your heart is beating stronger and your lungs working hard. The body requires more oxygen to fuel muscles. In the result, the lungs increase activity to deliver this oxygen. These exercises are very useful to keep the lungs healthy and young for a long time, protecting them from all diseases.

3. Follow the air. The effects of pollutants in the atmosphere damages the lungs, and accelerates their aging. When we were young and strong, light easily resisted these toxins. However, with aging, the body loses its resilience and becomes more vulnerable to infections and diseases. Try to avoid passive Smoking, physical activity on the street next to the busy road, and as little as possible soprikosnites with pollutants at work.

4. Warn of infection. Infections can be especially dangerous for your lungs at a certain age. If you already suffer from COPD, infections represent a mortal danger. Even healthy elderly people can become ill with pneumonia, which threatens their lives. Drink more water, eat fruits and vegetables, wash your hands often with soap and water. Strengthens the immune system.

5. Deep breath. If you like many people do quick shallow breaths, thereby using only a small portion of their lungs. Deep breathing allows you to clear those bodies and provides full oxygen exchange. Studies show that deep breathing in the form of sessions lasting no more than 10 minutes a day improves lung functions and strengthens their health. (READ MORE)