11 signs of an incompetent doctor, from whom better to stay away

If any of the following and you will hear, look for another specialist.
Shouldn’t you got hurt!

Pain need to give a warning signal: “Hey, here disorder, pay attention!”. If it were not for pain we would climb into the fire and suffered burns, broken limbs, and not paying attention, would run on — no pain. With the words of the doctors “is not supposed to hurt” I faced three more times (dentist, gynecologist, phlebologist), and all three were wrong — it was shown by examinations prescribed by other specialists. Occurred inflammatory processes, to discover that it was not difficult for ultrasound and x-rays.

I was prescribed massage, I was literally jumping from the pain. Sent to the therapist. Show on his chest: “Here is sick!” Answers, flipping through the map: “But shouldn’t hurt!” You who have profession? A philologist? Well, you just read a lot of horror, and you seem… Young, impressionable…” I was 21, I was smart enough to go to another doctor who ordered x-rays. Diagnosis: pleurisy.

And you baptized?

Any phrase that takes the conversation in unscientific plane — a strange turn in the conversation with your doctor. “And marriage is something you have uncany?” “A child you baptized? No? Here it is you and it hurts”. “What’s your horoscope sign, then who are you, Cancer? Throat Cancers have a soft spot…”

Now it is less and less, despite all the “battle of the psychics”, but in the nineties this obscurantism was quite common among the doctors, and examples are taken from personal experience of communication with the gynecologist in the antenatal clinic and pediatrician in the district hospital. Even if you are a believer or sympathizer, remember that for the doctor, when he’s at work, there is only evidence-based medicine: which proved their efficiency methods of diagnosis and treatment.

It’s you against the weather

The norm is when the patient complains of meteopathy, and the doctor listens to, but assigns the examination. Dizziness, lethargy, high or low blood pressure, pain in the joints do sometimes occur at a certain weather.

Weather is not the cause of the ailment, and the condition under which can manifest a particular symptom. Abnormally, when you complain of a severe headache, and the doctor looks out the window and says: “who can withstand such temperature changes? Go home, drink something and lie down”. By the way, that’s “some pressure” — also a sign of incompetence. Drugs pressure are selected only after long observation and examination.

It you lack of sex life
I don’t know if it’s from doctors men, but women constantly. Hence, in particular, and women “if only” is useful for health. Yes, hormones can change depending on the absence or presence of sexual activity, but not only and not so much as to “all is lost, all is lost.” The most common cause of gynecological diseases are infections, excess weight, unhealthy lifestyle (not sexual), poor personal hygiene, a genetic predisposition. The worst thing that a woman recommend unprotected sex: men, they say, the seed will rejuvenate and healthier, and not to get pregnant, well, pills.

That you have age

The first time I said something in 30 years: “my dear, you have 30, and the first wrinkles around the eyes — is the norm.” “Wrinkles” turned out to be allergic dermatitis of the eyelids, but found it not a dermatologist, which I am in terror fled, and allergist. Of course, the “age” one does not become healthier, but to deny a patient in the examination and treatment, citing his age, the doctor may not.

That you have a psychosomatic

Fashionable sentence before was: “have you got nerves,” but had in mind exactly psychosomatics. Official medicine does not deny that the cause of the disease may be partly a psychological factor, but to seek the causes of diseases “in the head” can only the adherents of alternative medicine, this approach results in late appointment of the analyses and other studies, wrong or late diagnosis.

Science has studied the influence of psychological factors on the occurrence of asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, essential hypertension, some types of vegetative disorders (for example, “panic attacks”). But to blame everything on stress, and the personal qualities of a competent doctor will not.

It’s you against acidification/ zamalchivanie/ slagging of the organism

Blood, they say, you sour — from all this trouble. Or Vice versa, a very alkaline environment in the body. To change the pH (acid-alkaline balance) of the blood with the help of baking soda, lemon juice and other drugs do not: of the protective buffer system of the blood instantly the pH returns to normal (of 7.36) in the event of any violation of balance.
Without this ability the blood to regulate the pH would not have been possible thermoregulation and generally normal functioning of the body. As suggested get rid of the “acidification” (not to mention the fact that there is no need to do it)? To drink something alkaline? Where it will fall? In the stomach, where the environment was normal acidic (pH of 1.5-1.8).

Slag is a term from metallurgy, if it is used by the doctor when he talks about the accumulation of harmful substances — get up and go, because after pseudodiagnosticity follow pseudaletia/cleansing supplements and enemas. But for real money.

We will check on the unique device that will detect all disease

Such “devices” that has a pseudoscientific name and description of mechanism of action, quite a lot. The most famous — bioresonance device, the device of Voll, but it is possible that the scammers will invent new and new: you lead by the hand or body sensor attached to the head electrodes, the whole thing is connected to a computer that produces graphs, charts, pictures, and photos. The objective of these methods is to intimidate the “client”, assign the expensive treatment Badami, and pump as much money as possible.

I’ll give you the address of the pharmacy, there cheaper

This is not about incompetence, but about immorality, though it is hard to imagine a knowledgeable physician moonlighting as a prescription of a particular drug in a particular pharmacy. The same applies to the appointment of an expensive drug certain firms, while there are analogues with the same active ingredient and dosage cheaper (generics).

By law, a doctor must prescribe the active ingredient and dosage, and the patient to select the manufacturer and the price and decide whether to buy expensive advertised the original drug. Many doctors suggest to buy drugs for the brand or country of production, citing the best cleaning of raw materials, more strict quality control in production.

But there is still such a hypothesis

The doctor tells all the details that there are different versions of the origin of your illness, draws schemes and throws scientific terms, emphasizing the different variants of the etiology. In the end, you leave with nothing — well, if in a specialized medical institution. As a rule, the patient remains confused, frightened and not understanding: and do what? With all the learning, the doctor should give only what concerns your diagnosis, and even better — treatment.
Why do you know this?

The reverse situation: a doctor tells you nothing, although an understanding of what is happening to you and what you intend to do, you need. It is unacceptable that you produce some kind of manipulation (for example, an injection), without revealing the name of the drug (“is it you?”). Maybe says: a grown man, most likely knows what he’s allergic. “Silence” undermines the credibility of the doctor and causes confusion: what to do after treatment, how to answer the questions of other doctors.