10 things to know for those who going to fill their first tattoo

Today, tattooing is making a huge number of people. For some this is a way of expression, for others it’s a protest and a challenge to society, third is art and beauty. In each of these cases, it is important to understand that it’s not an easy cosmetic procedure.

So, what you need to know before you visit a tattoo parlor?

To fill tattoo

1. There’s an age limit

In our country, tattoo are allowed to do at 18. Minors to the pattern on the body is possible only with the consent of parents or guardians, or in the presence of one of them. Therefore, in a tattoo parlor, valuing its reputation, you should require a passport.

Such a rule is established not by accident – are reaching the age of majority, a person acquires full legal capacity and liability for their actions. In addition, at this age stops the growth of the body, and the tattoo made in the period of active growth, over time, can deform or be displaced.

2. There are health restrictions
Many believe that the tattoo is harmless and completely safe process. But it is not. There are a number of limitations and contraindications, which do not allow for a wearable drawings. The main problems include:

  • Chronic diseases and disorders of skin pigmentation
  • Congenital cardiovascular disease
  • The clotting disorders and blood diseases, leukemia
  • Malignant tumors prior to chemotherapy
  • Hepatitis, epilepsy, hypertension
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding

You should not rely on the advice of the tattoo artist – only a qualified doctor after a medical examination will be able to answer the question if you can go to this step and under what conditions.

3. The decision
Agreeing on a tattoo keep in mind the fact that it will remain with you for life and it is probably one of the most important aspects when making decisions. Of course you can later try to bring the tattoo with a laser (max 90-95% of the picture) But it will be much more painful, longer and more expensive than the tattoo itself. To avoid disappointments in the future – take a little time before making a decision now.

4. Decide what you want
While choosing the pattern and design of the future tattoo – take your time. Think about your tattoo in the long run as well as possible changes that can happen in your life. Make sure you know and understand correctly its meaning (especially if your tattoo is a Chinese character or symbol).

Pre-schedule a consultation to artist tattoo artist, especially if you have dark skin and you want a brightly colored tattoo. This will help you make the correct choice.

5. Location
In theory, the tattoo can be done on virtually any part of the body. In some places, of course, to create it easier. For example, on the back, calves, buttocks and chest – the most suitable skin for the application image. Much harder to work with the phalanges of feet and hands, feet, face, ears, genitals and ribs.

Remember – tattooing is not painless, but the most painful places are the same for all: the head, face, hands, chest, elbows, ribs and abdomen, buttocks, inner thighs and knees, ankles and feet.

6. Preparing for a tattoo
If the decision is made and you are fully ready – a few important rules:

If you have a cold, are you feeling sick or have a menstrual cycle event it is better to move. You should also avoid taking aspirin and analgesics.

Refrain from alcohol, caffeine and energy drinks before applying the tattoo (maybe 2-3 days). Alcohol thins the blood and may cause more bleeding, the tattoo will be pale and possibly uneven.

Good find a – in the fasted state is much harder to bear the pain.

Try to sleep and be well rested before a session of the tattoo. This will allow you to feel more relaxed, cheerful and not annoyed.

Carefully remove the hair from that area of the body, which will be applied tattoo. Remember-a cut and a tattoo will have to be postponed until such time as the wound completely healed. (In a respectable salon master quickly and professionally prepare your workspace itself).

Wear comfortable clothing that provides easy access to the place of tattooing. Although the process ink very rarely get to clothes, keep in mind that option.

7. The process of applying
Tattooing takes time. Depending on the complexity of the design and location, the process can take from 2 hours to several visits for 5-6 hours. Pre-master can call just a rough estimate – you may need to take breaks to relax, and perhaps your skin is not so easy nakalyaetsya.

The process of tattooing is quite painful, especially the first 10-20 minutes. It all depends on personal tolerance, the placement and duration of the process. Many masters suggest to come with a friend for moral support.

Good idea to bring something to read or watch on your tablet or phone (to distract). And also plain water to avoid dehydration.

8. After applying the tattoo

Now the tattoo is not just “for life”, but a new part of your body, so it will have to carefully to care. The skin where it will be crammed tattoo heals on average 2 weeks (maximum a month). In the early days it will not be wet. During the healing period the skin with a tattoo not to shave, skrabirovanie, subjected to laser hair removal. You won’t be able to use the sauna, swimming pool, sauna and Solarium.

An intense workout will also have to be postponed for a while. You will have to lubricate the tattoo with a special cream to her complete healing, his name and all other instructions it is better to clarify from the master. When the tattoo is fully healed and will take root in your body, do not forget to constantly protect her from the sun – protection cream with SPF 40 /50 will be your best friend.

9. A good tattoo is not cheap
Tattoo cost is usually measured in hours of work of the master, and the price range is very wide. On the final figure affect not only the experience of the master, his fame and workload, but also the location of the cabin, the size and complexity of the picture, the cost of materials. Sometimes the wizard can do tattoo and free (probably with a good discount) – if they are itching to stuff some incredible sketch, but these need to look, and it’s likely very rare.
Temporary tattoos

10. Alternative
Many people wonder whether it is possible to get a tattoo for a year or two? Unfortunately, temporary tattoos do not exist in nature. The tattoo is the penetration of the pigment under the skin, a temporary tattoo is just a drawing on the skin. There are several types of so-called temporary tattoos:

Body painting with henna (mehndi, mehendi). Mehndi natural dye colors only the surface layer of the skin epithelium. Henna can be called a tattoo for a month, because they are kept with proper care quite some time.

Aerodata. Applied a special device – an airbrush that sprays paint on the body is very realistic: the naked eye cannot distinguish a real tattoo or not. For aarattu used silicone paint – this pattern can last up to 1 week, then it gradually washed away. This kind of body art belongs to category finger tattoos.

Glitter-tattoo. This is a drawing that is made using sequin, which is fixed on the skin with special glue. These bright and attractive pictures of sequins can also be attributed to wash off tattoos. They keep for about 7 days.

11. Conclusion
For a fairly simple, at first glance, the cosmetic procedure of tattoo disappear fairly serious danger. According to the study conducted by experts Contact Dermatitis is approximately 10% of people get an adverse reaction after the first tattoo: swelling, which remains for weeks, diseases of the skin, and increased sensitivity to the sun. Moreover, 6% of respondents reported long-term effects, to predict that in advance nobody could.
In any case, before you get a tattoo or seven times think. And if to make a final decision you have not yet obtained – use a suitable alternative.