Quitting Smoking rejuvenates for 13 years. Today is the international day of refusal of Smoking

Italian scientists conducted a study involving 200 non-Smoking women. The researchers assessed the skin condition of the participants, taking into account such objective parameters of skin, such as elasticity, a microrelief.

Then in the second part of the study involved 64 women smokers who had to give up the addiction. For 9 months they took the tests and passed the medical examination.

The results impressed the researchers. It turned out that the skin of women who quit Smoking younger on average 13 years. In addition, quitting Smoking had a beneficial effect on the figure the weight of the participants decreased by a few pounds.

Inhaled when Smoking the smoke burns the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. It contains a lot of harmful substances that are deposited in the body and provoke the development of many diseases. And most of all gets the respiratory system. Light has well and truly a smoker depressing. They are dark in color, filled with mucus, bronchial tubes clogged. This disrupts the respiratory system, causing wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath. Up to 80% of smokers suffer from bronchitis of the smoker. A five-year term of Smoking is sufficient for the development of chronic bronchitis of the smoker with partial deformation of the bronchi. Many people, aware of the damage they cause to their health, decide to quit Smoking. They think you’ll feel much better. Quitting Smoking will really improve your health, but this will not happen immediately.

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What we inhale with cigarette smoke and how it affects the body?

What will happen to you immediately after quitting Smoking

From the smoker all systems of the body adapted under the flow of a certain amount of toxic substances. After quitting Smoking is a temporary imbalance of metabolic processes. To get used to life without tobacco smoke need from several weeks to several months. This adjustment period may be accompanied by unpleasant moments.

  • The reduced efficiency of the immune system. Most often seen in disorders of respiratory and digestive systems. During this period you may often get sick with colds.
  • Possible disorders of the stomach.
  • Mood swings.
  • Tobacco addiction is based on both physiological and psychological addiction. Smoking becomes a special ritual, a cigarette something other. Deprived of it, a person can experience a sense of discomfort, which escalates at a time when usually was on a break. Can spoil the mood.
  • Weight gain. The habit of smoke a person can replace the habit to eat. It is logical to expect weight gain. This desire to eat an ex-smoker needs to be prepared in advance and consumed as much as possible low-calorie food.

Adaptation and subsequent recovery of the body after Smoking process, comparable with the disease. During this period, it is necessary to monitor their diet and food quality. The body must do a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.

How to clean lungs

Lungs freed from poisons that had settled in them immediately. It is believed that to cleanse the respiratory system will need several months to a year, depending on the degree of pollution. You can help the respiratory system get rid of pollutants.


For inhalation suitable herbal teas from the needles of pine, fir, cedar and juniper; oak leaf, black currant, eucalyptus, birch; Linden flowers, chamomile, lavender; herbs mint, sage, wormwood.

Lung cancer and Smoking

Physical activity

Fitness, running, swimming will help your body more likely to trigger the cleansing of the lungs. Breathing exercises and especially the full yoga breath effectively stimulates the cleansing of the Airways and helps the mucus to come out. In addition, these exercises have a strengthening effect on the immune system and are a good prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


Help to clean the respiratory system after Smoking the onion and garlic. In addition , the volatile contained in these products have an antibacterial effect and prevent the development of colds. Sauna helps to cleanse not only the lungs, but also opens the pores of the skin through which the body breathes better. Recommended to use with oak or fir twigs and pine oil. Walking through the coniferous forest. The air in the coniferous forest filled with volatile, can stimulate the respiratory system of our body.

How the face changes after quitting Smoking

The face of a smoker (especially with years of experience) has a typical earthy hue, frequent inflammation. Suffer the enamel of the teeth and lips (they are drier).

The skin of smokers significantly reduced the protective properties of the skin. Because the skin of a smoker is worse tolerate ultraviolet light. Wrinkles around the eyes called crow’s feet and vertical wrinkles around the mouth, often called smoker’s wrinkles due to Smoking can develop at an earlier age.

7 days after quitting Smoking already restored the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, therefore, the amount of toxic substances that enter the bloodstream from the intestine, markedly decreases. The risk of inflammation and redness reducing.