Wrinkles indicate different diseases

Usually talking about the wrinkles in the beauty way, because they usually dream to get rid of. But experts warn that wrinkles indicates not only the age, they indicate susceptibility to human diseases.

Wrinkles on the forehead. This type of wrinkle is considered one of the most notable. Often, forehead wrinkles appear at an early age (regardless of gender), while there are obvious and deep. These wrinkles indicate heart disease, scientists say.

In particular, the early appearance of pronounced wrinkles on forehead lack of production of proteins collagen and elastin providing elasticity and smoothness of the skin. These proteins are important to maintain the elasticity of vascular tissue. Their deficiency not only contributes to the appearance of wrinkles, but also harm the blood vessels, which become brittle. Therefore, experts believe that early and deep wrinkles on the forehead can indicate that the person is prone to hypertension, heart attack or stroke.

In this case, the physicians are advised to check the vessels to be tested for blood sugar and blood cholesterol, as well as to know their blood pressure and to control it.

Wrinkles on the eyelids. If the upper eyelid hangs and looks “bruised”, it may indicate the poor condition of the nerve responsible for eyelid. In such a situation, we can assume the propensity to neurodegenerative diseases, stroke.

Therapists suggest lowering the eyelids and the appearance of wrinkles is to visit a neurologist to check the bodies vascular system.

Crease on the earlobe. Vertical crease on the earlobe may indicate developing atherosclerosis – a vascular pathology associated with blockage of vessels and arteries of cholesterol plaques. If such violation is changing normal blood flow and increases the risk of blood clots, the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Those who have the ear lobe has vertical crease, doctors recommend blood tests for cholesterol.

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