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How to care for your skin in summer?

How to care for skin in winter?

In one, a very famous song: “nature has no bad weather. Each weather grace…”. Listening to this song, one can not help agree with every word. But as soon as we go outside, as all the positive feelings somewhere evaporate. And with them our, the beauty of women. The rain pours as from a bucket – together with the ink flowing streams with our eyelashes. Bake bright July sun with him, under a layer of makeup, “fried” our skin. Blowing in the wind, our skin becomes drier and drier.

On the street a strong frost on the skin redness and irritation. And, as a result of such metamorphoses of weather, our makeup is not quite similar to the one we so carefully do in the morning. We can say that the weather brings about changes in appearance of the woman.

And so it continues from day to day, from month to month. . . But what to do? The answer is simple, like all brilliant – it is necessary to do makeup seasonally, and weather specificity. I will give as an example two seasons – summer and winter. It is winter, and tips Magicforum will be particularly useful.

Skin care and makeupwill be in these two periods are diametrically opposed. As for the fall or the spring, then you will have to decide. It’s the seasons that are transitional between summer and winter. And what time of the year, the summer or the winter you will adjust, it’s your individual, personal matter. Everything will depend on the condition of the skin on your face.

How to care for your skin in summer?

In order for the summer was a joy for the skin on your face, remember the following rules for applying makeup:

First: during the summer period it is necessary to avoid the use of Foundation.But if you can’t imagine my face without this miraculous cosmetics, then use a concealer in a small amount.

Apply it very thin layer. Don’t let your skin to suffocate. Let your pores breathe the warm summer air. But otherwise, they can “get angry” and inflamed (at a temperature greater than 25 C).

Have to run to the beautician, to rectify the situation. Because to soothe the troubled pores you can not.

Second, the same applies to the various corrective means. To apply them is certainly possible. For example, if you have important event or date.

Well, as you will appear in front of a favorite with his new zit on my chin or on the nose? It’s impossible. You simply must come to grips with his insolent enemy.

And if you can not get rid of it forever, then hide it. you must. In this you will definitely help your allies – correctors. Whenever you they obscure, disguise, hide or lighten the enemy.

If you do not intend to attend meetings or to meet with someone, some time will be able to coexist peacefully with this arrogant prick. Let the summer sun is doing its noble work, and was hot with their hot rays of the insolent. Soon he may disappear by itself.

Third: Before applying makeup, a person need to wash the lotion or gel. Then wipe the face with lotion or tonic. It will look as a gesture of your gratitude to your beloved skin.

Fourth: Makeup. Avoid bold eye shadow or blush. How anyone can praise cosmetics manufacturers, but the fact that they are in the heat are starting to “go”, the fact remains. You don’t want your makeup somewhere “floated” at the most inopportune moment.

And in General, except for this “decorative flooding” may be the right time?

No matter what colours of flowers and colors you will create the makeup on your face, remember the main thing: the amount of makeup in the summer should be kept to a minimum.

Otherwise, summer can become a not-so-happy, and “fun” you can add to your skin, presenting all sorts of surprises in the form of irritations, acne, inflammations, allergies etc.

All the manipulations that you do in the winter with its face should have one common goal. And that purpose is protection. Protection of the skin from excess moisture, frost and wind. As soon as our region comes Zimushka-winter, you should automatically forget all the things that you let your skin in the summer (to forget until next summer). Now you have another mission, and, by the way, is no less important.

To protect your skin you should, by all possible means that are available in your cosmetic Arsenal.

How to care for skin in winter?

First: in the Winter you finally can admit to his cute face, all available refills. They are happy to hide all the flaws: acne, redness, irritation, dark spots etc.

Second: now a concealer is your best friend, assistant and collaborator in the fight for the beauty of the face. You can use liquid Foundation, but this sold in “pencil” (solid).

To apply it is necessary not hands, and a sponge (sponge) or special brush. So you will get a more even complexion.

Third: Before applying “decorative”, use not only a cleansing and tonics, but cream. Take care of it, keep in decent and good conditions. Of the cream a lot.

Fourth: In General, the makeup you can do any. Importantly, the skin does not suffer from frost. Yes, by the way, in winter, can be very useful, useful makeup on oily basis.

Feel free to use creamy blush and liquid eye shadow. Buy nourishing lipstick – let sponge “popytaetsya” vitamins. And then, before you know it, as they begin to dry out, and then you will unwittingly bite off bits of dried skin from the lips. If you do that, of course. And the lipstick will not cause normal.

Fifth: All cosmetics, try to buy water-resistant. Suddenly you have to play in the “snowballs”, lying in the snow, to ski or just to get in a Blizzard. In our society it is believed that every man should protect those weaker. So just in the winter you will have the opportunity. Feel yourself “strong” and protect the skin.

Do it every day. Think about it every moment. Try to make sure that no bitter cold or heavy snowstorm or terrible humidity, no wind, could not spoil such a beautiful part of your body – your face.

If you treat your face with care and love, in the future it will reply you the perfect skin color and lack of signs of premature aging.

Was previously named beauty secrets of Hollywood beauties.