How to care for Breasts?

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Rules of care of breast

Home exercises for breast care

Masks for elasticity of the breast

According to statistics, dissatisfaction with one’s breast expresses every second woman. The claims are mainly related to its size and shape. Hence it is no coincidence so many women are turning to plastic surgeons. And the reason why women so easily resort to plastic surgery. Here and wide razreklamiruete, and the relative accessibility of surgical intervention, but the most fundamental reason is deeply psychological and low self-esteem. To accept yourself for who are, with all their flaws and shortcomings – able to few women. For this, first of all, you must have normal and healthy self-esteem and understanding of their own uniqueness. But often, dissatisfaction with bust is expressed in the banal inability or simply unwillingness to properly care for your Breasts. That’s why many women, wanting once and for all solve this problem through the operation and resort to plastic surgery. Although to correct the defects of the breast can be simply competent care, Magicforum found out what it was.

Rules of care of breast

Following these simple tips and rules for the care of the Breasts, you will become the owner of a beautiful and firm bust.

Never sunbathe Topless! Open the chest for aggressive UV rays is very dangerous. Women Baring their Breasts while sunbathing by 30% increase the risk for breast cancer itself. Ultraviolet light also contribute to the rapid aging of the skin, especially delicate such as in the chest area. In addition to cancer, there are other types of diseases where it is strictly forbidden to stay in the sun, for example, breast. To sunbathe only in the morning and afternoon hours. Do not forget about the use of sunscreens. Pregnant women stay out of the sun it is better to limit. Tan and required UV dose can be obtained in shaded areas.

Eating habits have a direct reflection on the health of the breast. So, junk food, unlimited abuse of meat and fatty food, excessive alcohol may increase the risk of development of malignant tumors. To prevent this and other diseases of the breast, you should follow a proper and healthy diet. Try to include in your daily diet such products as tomatoes, celery, pumpkin, fruit, cereals. Well prevents the occurrence of breast cancer that substance as glucobrassicin. Its content is high in cabbage and cauliflower and also broccoli.

Women are often forced to sit on a diet,
should be aware that rapid weight loss negatively affects your chest. With the departure of the fat in the breast droops, and the skin becomes flabby. As the volume of the bust depends mainly on fatty tissue, when a sharp weight loss the body is forced to fill the necessary fat reserves that primarily affects the fullness of the breast. In order for weight loss to keep the shape of the breast in the desired form, it is not necessary to stick to strict diets. Lose weight properly, balancing power and other systems of weight loss (such as special exercises with compulsory physical activity).

For proper breast health is very useful douche. The temperature difference very well strengthens blood vessels and improves blood flow. The breast skin after this procedure becomes more elastic and slows down its ageing.

Take a rule, taking a shower, do a gentle massage on her breast. For this you can either use a massage MITT or a loofah made from natural materials. Massage doing circular movements, massaging the Breasts from the chest to the neck. Do not make any sudden and harsh movements, they should be gentle, light stroking. At the end of the procedure rinse breast with cool water just below body temperature. After taking a shower can be applied to the skin of the breast and body lotion or a special cream.

Home exercises for breast care

The shape of the female breast is affected, first of all, the state of her muscles. Special exercises for breast to increase its volume will fail. However, well-trained muscles will perfectly support the bust and give it a beautiful shape.

• At the level of the breast connecting the palm and press them against each other. In this position, you must hold hands at least 10-15 seconds. Repeat this exercise as often as possible.

• Take up small dumbbells or other weights. Slowly raise your arms forward and lower through the parties down.

• Holding a dumbbell, do Mahi hands alternately forward and to the side.

Each exercise must be performed 10 times for 10 sets. Well-trained chest muscles pushups. To fulfill them it every day for 15-20 push-UPS.

Masks for elasticity of the breast

Deep cleavage always attracts attention, and this means that the skin on the breast should be perfect. But in this area the skin is very delicate, there’s little of the fat and sweat glands, and by its structure it is similar to the skin around the eyes. It is the skin of the breast is primarily affected by external influences, it quickly becomes flabby, lose tone. Therefore, the care of this part of the body must be very delicate, and auxiliary tools, creams and scrubs – a special focus. Otherwise, better to just give up, replacing creams and masks homemade natural remedies. Ideal for this purpose, you can use oat flour or semolina.

Cream for breast is used more than once a week. Thus it is categorically impossible to put them on the nipples and areola. In diseases of the mammary glands and seals in the chest about the possibility of using masks, you need to consult with your doctor. Also need to discard the masks in the critical days.

Oatmeal mask
Brew with boiling water oat flour. Let cool and mix with sour cream in equal proportions. Apply to chest area for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Cottage cheese and cream mask
Mix in half-fat cottage cheese and heavy cream, add juice of half orange. Apply layers after drying of the previous layer. Rinse with cool water.

In summer, well-toned skin of the breast fruits and berries. They act like a soft peeling. Well refreshes the skin the juice of citrus fruits.

Giving daily care for your breast about thirty minutes of time, using the correct methods and tools, you probably will soon see significant changes for the better. The skin will get elasticity, and the shape will become more attractive. Proper care will help to maintain health and prolong youthfulness is charming and such an important part of the female body as the chest.