Cure cellulite you have already created

Women’s dream come true: scientists have created a cure for cellulite. Pharmaceutical company Endo International Plc, engaged in the development of the drug, announced a cure for cellulite may appear in pharmacies as early as 2020 and its tests gave positive results.

Created by pharmacists cure for cellulite is now called CCH. It was tested on 845 women over the age of 18 with moderate and severe cellulite. Clinical trials have shown that it is safe (without side effects) and effective – taking it really reduced the severity of cellulite on the buttocks.

CCH introduced the injection. Chief medical officer pharmaceutical companies Matthew Davies stated, what is the cure for cellulite “will be a real revolution and solution to the problems of many women”.

However, it is noted that the results obtained by scientists needs to be rechecked.

Cellulite is a local increase in fat cells and the disruption of the microcirculation in the adipose tissue. Cells begin with a vengeance accumulate fat and bulge naruju the form of irregularities and bumps. Cellulite is not always accompanied by fullness, but when excess weight more pronounced and noticeable. According to statistics women cellulite is found in 80-95% of cases.Experts attribute the appearance of cellulite with the action of female sex hormones – estrogens.

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