31-year-old woman ages the opposite and turns into a teenager

The woman compares himself to Benjamin Button, because aging is the opposite. Now it is taken for a teenager, and as a teenager considered an adult woman.

31-year-old mother of two from the English Essex Alice Dawson argues that the opposite is aging, and it makes her look like a hero the novel and the movie about Benjamin Button. Comparison of the two photos on the left Alice in her Teens, and on the right is already in the adult confirms her words. When the Englishwoman was 15 years old, she was often mistaken for an adult and a successful person, but with the years the age began to decrease, and now Alice, the shop also sells alcoholic beverages, demanding documents. If Alice makes a distinctive hairstyle, and causes a minimum of makeup, she could be mistaken for a schoolgirl.

Not to say to a woman this situation has upset, and who refuses with the years to look more young? Alice believes that such an amazing phenomenon it is bound to proper care regimen skin drink large amounts of water and following a healthy diet in the teenage years. The woman emphasizes that someday in her life come to a segment in which she really will grow old, not only biologically, but also externally. However, while she feels great and enjoys this metamorphosis.

“I’m often asked documents in order to go to alcoholic parties, says Alice. – Of course, none of the guards do not doubt that I have genuine ID card, but they are amazed at how I look. Happy with the years to become outwardly a teenager, but sometimes it can be annoying. Adolescents because not many people take seriously”. (READ MORE)