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How the coronavirus could be prevented from invading a host cell

How might the novel coronavirus be prevented from entering a host cell in an effort to thwart infection? A team of biomedical scientists has made a discovery that points to a solution. The scientists, led by Maurizio Pellecchia in the School of Medicine at the University of California, Riverside, report in the journal Molecules that two proteases—enzymes that break down […]

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You Aren't Imagining It: Moms Are Doing More Childcare During Lockdown

We’re not imagining it: However lopsided our “work-life-balance” was before the coronavirus, it’s almost certainly a mess with kids at home from school and camp. A recent study of parents in England found that women are bearing the brunt of this new situation. Not only have more women become unemployed than men, but those who are working are still doing […]

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Lung cancer symptoms: Have you developed an ache or pain in these two areas? Major sign

Lung cancer is a condition whereby cells in the lungs begin to divide uncontrollably to form a tumour – a mass of diseased or abnormal cells. Lung cancer doesn’t usually produce any symptoms in the early stages, but as the cancer begins too spread into neighbouring areas, warning signs tend to appear. One common warning sign is having an ache […]

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Genetic data may up diagnostic efficiency for rheumatic disease

(HealthDay)—Converting genotype information into an interpretable probability value for five different inflammatory arthritis-causing diseases could potentially improve the diagnostic efficiency of rheumatic disease, according to a study published in the May 27 issue of Science Translational Medicine. Rachel Knevel, M.D., Ph.D., from Harvard Medical School in Boston, and colleagues developed a Genetic Probability tool (G-PROB) to calculate the probability of […]

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Myka Stauffer Thanks Fan for 'Understanding' Amid Rehoming Controversy

Showing her gratitude. Myka Stauffer gushed over a fan’s supportive comment after announcing her and husband James Stauffer’s decision to rehome their adopted son, Huxley. The fan commented on the YouTube star’s Tuesday, May 26, video: “I was adopted at 8 months old, my sister at about 14 months from China. We both had issues of our own coming from […]

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