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Scientists establish novel ‘Kuma mutant’ mouse model of permanent neonatal diabetes

Diabetes seldom occurs in newborns—a condition known as neonatal diabetes. But when it does, it’s mostly due to a mutation in a single gene such as the KCNJ11 or insulin (INS). This early-onset type of diabetes differs from type-1 diabetes in that it occurs within the first six months of life and can be either transient or permanent. Most of […]

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What we know now about COVID-19: Recovery is hard, masks help, children can be carriers and more

It’s been more than seven months since China first reported a cluster of unexplained cases of pneumonia, and we’re still learning how the novel coronavirus spreads and what we can do to defeat it. The situation with COVID-19 is both better and worse than we knew a few months ago, because many people experience mild symptoms and some report no […]

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Best supplements for the heart – 5p a day capsules to protect against high blood pressure

The heart is used to pump blood around the body, and having a healthy heart is crucial to a healthy life, as organs around the body need a constant supply of blood for fresh oxygen. You could improve the health of your heart by regularly taking garlic supplements, it’s been claimed. Garlic has been claimed to have a number of […]

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Trump nursing home plan limits supply of free COVID-19 tests – The Denver Post

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration’s plan to provide every nursing home with a fast COVID-19 testing machine comes with an asterisk: The government won’t supply enough test kits to check staff and residents beyond an initial couple of rounds. A program that sounded like a game changer when it was announced last month at the White House is now prompting […]

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Patients with privacy concerns three times as likely to withhold details from their doctors

Have you ever kept information from a doctor or other health care provider because you were concerned about the privacy or security of your medical record? If so, new research at The Ohio State University College of Medicine finds you’re not alone, and that could have negative implications during the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers with CATALYST—the Center for the Advancement of […]

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