Drugs: Before the holidays recipe to the doctor to get

In many States, especially many of the holidays are coming in the next few weeks. Who is dependent on his daily medicines, checks therefore the best in the run-up to his stock and gets a new regulation in his medical practice, advises the Hessian pharmacists Association (HAV).

"Drug therapies have no Feiertage", notes Lutz Mohr, a member of the Board of Directors of the HAV. The regular intake is a prerequisite for a successful treatment. Because the pharmacies are not allowed to give many medicines only with a doctor regulation, advises Mohr to examine his patient, whether the supplies are sufficient for the duration of the holidays. If you do not, the flow is shown going to the doctor, the best for several days.

Because over the holidays some doctor’s offices are closed. In addition, many drugs are now not immediately and reliably available. The pharmacies must then queries different suppliers, to be able to take care of patients. "Sometimes only the possibility to send the patient back to the doctor and to bitten&quot a other regulation is left to us;, clarifies Mohr. Who comes in in the pharmacy, not more of this time often. Therefore, it is important to examine the inventories in a timely manner.


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