Less soft drinks: This really helps

What ensures that people resort more and more to sweet drinks? The Munich scientists have studied, what measures are demonstrably effective.

The supermarket shelves are full of: Cola, lemonade, Energy Drinks and sweetened iced teas can be drunk everywhere in the world. In the process, they apply not only as one of the main causes of Obesity, but also increase the risk for Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and tooth decay.

What measures support the choice of healthier drinks, according to researchers from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University and the Technical University of Munich are now investigating in a systematic way. The following approaches have assessed positively:

  • An easy-to-understand Food labels, for example, with the help of a color coding according to the traffic light principle
  • Higher prices for soft drinks in Restaurants, shops and leisure facilities
  • Water dispenser instead of soft drinks in schools
  • Children’s menus in restaurant chains, which contain instead of a soft drink a healthier drink
  • Healthy drinks in super markets in a better place and market

In total, the authors reviewed more than 10,000 scientific publications and identified 58 studies that met pre-defined quality criteria. These studies were conducted in 14 different countries, and had taken more than a Million children, young people and adults as participants.