Half the man he was: Superslimmer Jason loses an amazing 17 stone in two years

A man has turned his life around after losing almost 17 stone – close to the weight of Ireland skipper Rory Best – in just two years.

Jason Foran (27) said: “I was always big when I was a teenager, but I loved playing sports.

“Unfortunately, being overweight, I used to feel uncomfortable in the jerseys because I was big and they didn’t fit me very well. It led me to giving up playing sports when I was 17.”

His weight had a direct affect on Jason’s health.

“I was morbidly obese and had a 58-inch waist,” he said. “I walked slowly and was short of breath and in discomfort.”

He was also on tablets for high blood pressure and was in and out of hospital for tests.

In September 2017, he decided to take action and turned to personal trainer Davy Jones in Hebron Industrial Park in Kilkenny.

Jason, from Callan, said he chose Davy because he had also lost a lot of weight and, “he knew what it took, the steps to take”.

“He’s the example that it could be done and I wanted that, too,” he said.

Jason began by giving up sugary drinks and then sorted out his daily diet.

He limited his calories to 1,800 a day of “clean, high protein foods”.

He started exercising, even though “at 32 stone 8lb, I knew it would be hard”.

He said the training was a mixture of cardio and strength and toning.

“I only weigh 15 stone 10lb after two years of training with him,” Jason added.

Motivational support from Davy and from his parents, as well as the support from the gym staff and other members, also helped.

Davy, who himself once tipped the scales at almost 25 stone, says he transformed his own body and he now competes in Strongman competitions.

“What Jason has achieved in two years is phenomenal – a loss of almost 17 stone is the equivalent of a professional rugby player,” he said.

“There’s players togging out for the Rugby World Cup weighing less than what Jason has lost in body weight.”

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