Drink recall was voluntary, says Cherry Hill Coffee

A food recall notice sent out this week was a voluntary recall, a Kelowna company said Friday.

Cherry Hill Coffee said it, and not Interior Health, initiated the recall of one of its products, N7 Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

Interior Health issued a public service announcement earlier this week, stating that the recall was due to temperature issues in the manufacturing process that potentially failed to control pathogens, including botulism.


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In a press release issued Friday, Cherry Hill Coffee said:

“On Friday, March 15, Cherry Hill Coffee met with Interior Health who provided new information and studies on the health risks of cold brew coffee. A relatively new trend, cold brew coffee has a higher food safety risk than hot coffee because it is produced without heat and slowly and is not meant for immediate consumption.

“We worked with Interior Health, who reviewed our production and distribution and determined that we needed to make improvements to our transport and delivery to ensure we maintain refrigeration of the product at all times.

“Interior Health indicated we could still proceed with manufacturing and sales of the cold brew coffee, but we were instructed to change our best before date from four months to two months and to improve record keeping.

“In light of the new information and concerns that refrigeration at retail or the consumer level were beyond our immediate control, we thought the responsible measure was to cease any production or sales and conduct a voluntary recall.”

Cherry Hill Coffee said it has recovered more than 90 per cent of the product. However, if you have an N7 Nitro Cold Brew drink, you are asked to dispose of it or return it to Cherry Hill Coffee or the retailer it was purchased from.

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