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Halifax author with multiple sclerosis at a crossroads without access to affordable medical care

Jennifer Powley hasn’t cost taxpayers a dime. In fact, she’s a big contributor to her community. Powley has put her education — four university degrees — to good use, co-ordinating care for other disabled Nova Scotians, heading a group that sponsors LGBTQ refugees and volunteering to advise health-care students. Her recent memoir also won a literary award. But, stricken by […]

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NHL, ex-players reach tentative settlement in concussion lawsuit

The NHL and attorneys for retired players announced a tentative settlement Monday in the biggest lawsuit brought against the league over concussions and other head injuries. The lawsuit, consolidated in federal court in Minnesota and by far the largest facing the league, involves more than 100 former players who accused the NHL of failing to better prevent head trauma or […]

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Ontario pot deliveries ‘back on track’ after backlog cleared: finance minister

TORONTO – The Ontario government says the province’s only outlet for legal recreational cannabis has eliminated its backlog on orders and is “back on track” when it comes to deliveries. Finance Minister Vic Fedeli says the online Ontario Cannabis Store is returning to its original delivery time of one to three days after grappling with delays since recreational cannabis became […]

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Cure cellulite you have already created

Women’s dream come true: scientists have created a cure for cellulite. Pharmaceutical company Endo International Plc, engaged in the development of the drug, announced a cure for cellulite may appear in pharmacies as early as 2020 and its tests gave positive results. Created by pharmacists cure for cellulite is now called CCH. It was tested on 845 women over the […]

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Pakistan launches another vaccination drive against polio

Pakistan has launched yet another vaccination drive against polio, trying to eradicate the crippling disease from the country. The three-day, nationwide campaign started on Monday and is aimed at vaccinating millions of children under 5 years of age. Pakistani authorities have provided security to thousands of medical and other workers taking part in the drive by going house to house […]

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Small populations of normal cells affect immunity in patients with XLP1

Human SH2D1A mutations resulting in X-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome type 1 (XLP1) are associated with a unique susceptibility to the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), which may lead to fatal infectious mononucleosis (FIM). Many studies have attempted to elucidate an appropriate treatment for XLP1 that does not involve hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT); clinical evidence supporting such treatments has been minimal, until now. […]

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How to pick the right home tutor for your child

Home tuition, complemented by a right edtech tool, can be a great option, provided the home tutor invests in creating a personalised education. By Vivek Varshney As parents, it is our most important responsibility to get the right kind of after-school support for our child, especially for students crossing to class 9 to 11. We can feel the pressure of […]

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The pulse in her neck predict dementia

Takes only 5 minutes of scanning the neck can help to predict dementia for 10 years before you have any symptoms. To such conclusion scientists from University College London. Five-minute scan of the neck may help to predict dementia for 10 years before you have any symptoms. We are talking about measuring the pulse of the neck area, on the […]

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